Friday , March 31 2023

A new tool allows you to create your own emojis … and it's great!


This app to create emotions causes more rage than the new emojis created by WhatsApp itself, and no wonder.

Every day more, WhatsApp captures news and updates, adding – in most cases – great benefits for users. In recent weeks, new ones have emerged emoticons for WhatsApp.

But … this time the wonderful news did not come from the leader of the communications application, but an application that allows us to create the most wonderful emoticons, allowing us to fly the limits of our imagination (within the limits of this application).

Is about "emoticons Builder ", an application designed by Philipp Antoni, which allows us to create our own emotions. Practically, we have to combine: types of faces with colors, expressions, accessories, ornaments, creating emoticons more suited to the feeling or activity we want to communicate.

WhatsApp's new emojis will be available for Android

The novelty of this app is that you can even choose a face type (example: woman), but add other eyes or another mouth. They are a kind of empty templates ready for use. Since it was released a few weeks ago, this app is furious around the world.

Especially because it is very simple to use, because once the emoji is created, just download it and use it in the messaging application you want. However, not everything is perfect because … we still can not create emoticons of mate! At least for the moment.

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