Sunday , September 25 2022

A US ATM in the wrong hands, bills of $ 100 instead of 10


An American bank ATM in Houston was temporarily closed by the police after a technical failure that no one wanted to complain about. For about two hours Sunday to Monday morning, the car erroneously issued $ 100 bucks instead of $ 10, according to the AP.

"Free money" news spread rapidly on social networks (initially, it was reported that the device distributed 100 banknotes instead of 20) and a line of cars and local residents who wanted to take advantage of this incredible opportunity in front of cashier.

Officers at Sheriff County Harris County arrived at the hotel a few hours later, closed the cashier and announced Bank of America. The crowd spread quickly.

Banking authorities explained on Monday that a vendor placed 100 banknotes in an ATM instead of $ 10 banknotes, adding that customers can keep their money in the cashier.

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