Friday , January 27 2023

Annybell invites to dance "From the Feet"


Venezuelan artists join a song that will mark the history of our country's music. It is already available on all digital platforms.

After a year of release as a soloist and captivating the audience with his singles "Move Like Waves", "Smile", "Watch Me" and "Now It's My Row" – who plays a duet with a Trainer and turns it the Venetian who makes Trap-Annybell launches a new theme that will surely end up being a singer in our country: "From the feet".

In "From the Feet," Annybell has an important collaboration with two of the most important Venezuelan groups, referring to Guaco and The Perfect Melody, who would appreciate the talented Creole talent in the "3 Generations" tournament from which a friendship emerged and finally, Gustavo Aguado welcomes her as being spoiled … As if this were not enough, Jorge Glem (C4 Trio) is responsible for giving a special note to the one with his great way of play the theater.

"This song was among the songs we did not record, we wanted to get it out for a while but I did not get the right talent to play with me. At the end of the three generations we came up with the idea of presenting the Super Band model in Venezuela and Perfect Melody, who, listening to it, were delighted and bet that the theme would be a total success, because it would be mixing the individuality of each member of each group, "said Annybell who claimed that: "… after the recording hours, new ideas emerged that would allow it to provide that flavor touch that would spread to the general public, but I felt that a special ingredient was necessary so that the subject was of 100% Venezuelan, and there it was thought to include four and then our team proposed to us the possibility of including the C4Trio, which is predominantly the Venezuelan cuatro. From that moment on we managed to get in touch with Jorge Glem, who from the beginning he was told about the subject and did not hesitate to participate, so much so that New York residents were not an obstacle for their agreements were in the play. "

"De Los pies" is a reggaeton with a Latin fusion that puts all those who listen to it from the beginning. The lyrics of this exciting song belong to Annybell, Blackie BLK, Lois, Talio Sánchez and Gustavo Aguado; has production of Manolo de Freitas and Talio Sánchez in Tonada Estudio 13. The musical arrangements were in charge of Blackie BLK and Juan Carlos Salas, while the mastery was commissioned by Angemyr Lezama and Eduardo Martínez in DBMIX STUDIOS. Talio Sánchez was responsible for the mix (Tonada Estudio 13), and the voices were recorded in Tonada Estudio 13 under the direction of Manolo de Freitas.

Soon the official film of "Desde Los Pies" was released, which was filmed in La Pastora's beautiful parish and addressed to Karen Bompart.

Yesterday at night, you can hear and / or download through all digital platforms. Today he has begun to call on the most important radio stations in the country.

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