Friday , March 31 2023

Arrival of the Amazon divided between joy and anger in Washington and New York


Electronic giant's decision Amazon to install two New locations in New York and Washington, the US economic and political centers, were received with enthusiasm and mistrust in equal parts, despite the fact that Creating 50,000 jobs.

Amazon from New York will be located in Long Island City (Queens), if it caused rejection widespread in a community of 2.3 million inhabitants, while in Washington will do so in a municipality with a population of 22,500 people which will receive a mass of employees who will duplicate it.

Both metropolises face a transformation in which thousands of new tenants with the sea qualification and purchasing power they will use the transport, they will consume in their premises and will look for a home, a main concern for those who already live there.

To stop Pentagon subway and a walk from 40 minutes from the White House is the future location of the Amazon in the Washington area: Crystal City, a town that was born in 1963, to host offices and high-profile homes.

I moved The Crystal City a few years ago, I paid a 500 USD rental for a room because in the center of Washington I could not afford it 900 sky"explains Katarina, receptionist at the hotel closest to the city's only subway station.

"I'm sure there will be no work, but prices … People will become very puddlese, "says the young woman.

An official, Gemal, who is resting on the market where he will set up his Amazon office, is not worried about rising prices. "This is a low-occupancy area no one will be expelled"he says.

The company's arrival in the immediate vicinity of the company The American Capital was received positive as a way to diversify an area focused on government activity.

Stephen S. Fuller, economist at George Manson University, reports in a report the presence of the Amazon in Washington will generate an effect to ask for the installation of new technology companies and something similar to "Silicon Valley" born on the eastern coast of the country.

Amazon it was not slow to take advantage of these signs and already called National landing (National Landing) complex that will be born after the inauguration. "It will change the unofficial mark of the region," referring to the area's institutional environment, says an epigraph of the study.

In reality, it seems that this city expected such an arrival: more buildings remain empty and covered with a canvas, in the corners of empty streets there is a sign with the city logo and even a pedestrian crossing transforms the same design into impeccable ways.

In front of the apparently awakened enthusiasm in Crystal City, Long Island neighbors they denounce an invasion in a traditional industrial and labor district that has undergone enormous change over the past decade since the economic crisis.

"There are speculation!" criticizes a neighbor who has lived 29 years in the neighborhood and prefers to remain anonymous.

On a walk, the woman reaches the first large building that was built 25 years, together at the ferry that links Queens with Manhattan, when asking about $ 25,000 for real estate, as an "incentive" for people to move.

"Now buying a home here costs about 800 000says this neighbor.

LIC Coalition Representative Ernie Brooks argues in statements that "Amazon was intelligent to turn its choice into a secret competition without telling what they offered."
By his decision, the company will receive 3 billion USD according to Brooks calculations – in tax benefits.

Despite critical supported by some democratic representatives, such as the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Congress, there are neighbors in favor of installing the Amazon.

"I am in my favor, I want my community to flourish and my neighborhood is ahead of my business," insists Gianna Cerbone, who leads Italian restaurant.

For Cerbone, the establishment of Bezos will improve its infrastructure will bring a new school to the neighborhood.

As for the price of housing, he does not think he will shoot: "Chorradas, that's shit, Cítalo: chorradas," he concludes.

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