Monday , June 27 2022

Atlanta celebrates its first victory against the Red Bulls, but does not close the East Finals


ATLANTA, Georgia – Effectiveness. Pure Efficiency And a plan executed in detail in front of a Mercedes-Benz stadium, which broke out again to encourage an Atlanta United that proved too much for Red Bulls in the first round of the final MLS Eastern Conference Series.

The Red and Black team will now travel to the Tri-State area, where they will visit the crowning team on Thursday with a comfortable score of 3-0 with fairness on Sunday night.

"The first thing we can say is that we have finally succeeded in defeating the Red Bulls," said Gerardo Martino, a coach at the Georgia State Club. "The team did a good job, it was a collective victory and I did not suffer much beyond what happened in two free throws, I was solid in the defense, it was a deserved victory."

An ample triumph, and three goals in South America. The first came after a great definition of Josef Martínez. "If he asks me how I scored … I do not know," said the Venezuelan after the game. "If I had the same game again, I do not know how to do it again, it's my job to score, so I'm happy to score a goal tonight." The weekend was the 34th 7th at Atlanta United in 2018, combining the regular season's goals with the playoffs. A new record for Martinez.

Atlanta's second goal was Argentinean defender Franco Escobar, who ended up with a nice piece of brass between Julian Gressel and Miguel Almirón.

And it would be Escobar to serve the ball that will end in the third goal of the night, won by "Tito" Villalba.

"I do not know if mine was an assistant," Escobar said humbly. "I just gave Hector the ball, he turned and scored a goal to the left, that goal gives us a good advantage to go to New York." Rematch will take place on Thursday at Red Bull Arena (7:30 pm ET, FOX Sports).

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"It was difficult for the first time," Josef Martinez warned before leaving the costume team of the "Five Bands". "We know we have to go to a place where we have never achieved a positive result."


New York Red Bulls was the best regular MLS team, but in the Atlanta duel, it was difficult to evoke the most typical and identifying picture of the bull picture, especially in the first half of the Sunday game.

A 3-0 result is an extremely difficult result to reverse in a series of knock-outs. But RBNY gained the advantage of doubt in this case, considering how well the previous encounters with #ATLUTD resolved.

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"We know it will be difficult," coach Chris Armas said. "We went into a hole, but we came out of similar situations in which we had to score three goals in our house, that is the goal, this is the starting point, we will score the first goal and the rest will come in. The field of energy and spirit the fight that will be needed, we will go home and we will achieve it. "

"This group is very special," said goalkeeper and captain Luis Robles. "That's why I think we can do this around us, it's very difficult, almost impossible, but we will continue to believe we will do what is necessary to accomplish it, we will make it a goal at a time, we can move on. "

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