Monday , March 20 2023

Diabetes-activated screening plan in Naguanagua


Following the instructions of Mayor Gustavo Gutiérrez, Naguanagua Town Hall Health Management, with Insalud's support, began diabetes screening sessions in different sectors of the city.

Mirian Araujo, the local health director, explained that on the occasion of the World Diabetes Day commemorating on November 14, the city's health department coordinated the campaign to screen, educate and prevent this major illness that affects so many people in the world.

Araujo said that we are accompanied by the Diabetes Association of the State of Carabobo, belonging to Insalud; in a course against diabetes, which is one of the illnesses caused by poor diet or dependent on a hereditary factor.

Screening sessions took place in various sectors of the locality, particularly in Naguanagua City Hall, Barrio Adentro, as well as in outpatient and drug stores in Insalud in Naguanagua.

During this health campaign, C.C. At Granja, City Hall's health staff, along with Insalud, performed blood pressure, body mass index, abdominal circumference, height and weight measurements; in order to exclude the possible suffering of a metabolic disease, diabetes or high blood pressure.

Another planned activity was to discuss prevention so that people know the risks and signs of diabetes, obesity and hypertension, as well as knowing the proper control of diabetes.

The Head of the Health Department announced that this kind of activity will continue during the week, free of charge in healthcare facilities in the jurisdiction, aiming to raise awareness of a preventive culture in order to prevent more people from suffering this disease.

With a press release from the Mayor of Naguanagua

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