Friday , September 30 2022

Discover! Kim Kardashian talks about her famous sex band


The first time the world heard about Kim Kardashian, more than Paris Hilton's friend and assistant, it was again in 2003 when an intimate video about her recorded with her boyfriend, Ray J., was made public the film and its filters, which many attribute to a deliberate maneuver by Kris Jenner – the matrix of the media clan that drives the star – to get him out of the shadow of blond wealth, but now her protagonist has taken on new details about how she appeared the idea of ​​registration.

In short, it was one of two terrible decisions he made during his life, after consuming a very specific medicine that, after learning the lesson, did not touch again.

"I got married with ecstasy, it was the first time: I took ecstasy and I got married, I took it once and made a sex video, as if it were something terrible that happened to me when I got it, "revealed the celebrity of the last episode of family reality – the favorite place to make such confessions – during a conversation with his former scoundrel Scott Disick and his younger sister. Kendall Jenner about her wild past and about her first and short marriage to producer Damon Thomas.

"Everybody knows that," he added after observing the surprised face of the two. "Falbul did not stop trembling during the whole recording."

Kendall's and Scott's reaction is partly explained because every time someone tries to refer to that infamous film to discredit Kim Kardashian or criticize his pioneering status as a celebrity celebrity " being a celebrity, "she usually protects that a single mistake should not define it forever, and that today she has become a good example for the new generations as a self-made entrepreneur and a woman of a family that does not use drugs. it's hard to imagine why he barely drinks.

This does not mean, however, that he does not know how to leave his hair from time to time, if the occasion deserves, as he explained in a separate interview in the same chapter of "Keeping with the Kardashians": "The truth is Kendall does not have no idea, but the truth is that I've been through a very rebellious phase in the last years of adolescence. I'm not like that, but you do not mind yet knowing how to have fun, and I'm always the soul of the party.

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