Friday , March 31 2023

Download applications from an official store, the only way to guarantee security


Intelligent phones are therefore an electronic device that no one wants to do without, and that's why there are countless brands and companies that are trying to make mobile phones more and more innovative to respond to a growing demand . Although there are easy-to-recognize brands with a long history in this sector, new brands and even unknown brands which have different characteristics.

The ability to purchase a smart phone via the Internet from any store in any country has also brought a small problem, namely that some Android smartphones of Chinese origin have not installed the default Google package in which the store is located. Apps from the Google Play Store. In smartphones purchased in Spain play the free store it comes in by default, so the user can install Android apps on his phone right after he starts using it. But it'sn Some recognized small Chinese smartphone smartphones is required to download the play store, because without it it will be impossible to download other applications, games, tools or something as basic as WhatsApp.

How do I download the Google Play Store on a smartphone?

If your smartphone does not bring classic Google apps with it, you need to take steps to get what you need on your smartphone, especially the Google Play Store. You first need to download the official app store to install other apps quickly and easily and from an official and secure site.

To achieve it the most recommended is the root of the smartphone to be much simpler, but if it is not possible, it is convenient to follow the next steps. On your smartphone, go to the "Settings" section, go to "Apps" in the settings, and we have to search for the "Unknown Origin" option once. Enabling unknown sources will allow you to manually add applications to your smartphone and it's time to run Android Market apk, that for Android 2.2 is the APK. in Android Market v.2.3.6 though it will always depend on the version of the smartphone's operating system.

Download unofficial smartphone versions

Some official applications, such as WhatsApp, are pretty rigid and prevent the user from making certain customizations that non-official versions allow. For example, the unofficial app gbwhatsapp and others like Whatsapp Plus allows the user to install themes, use emoticon packs, have more privacy, or install certain security modes. Therefore, installing gbwhatsapp is quite common, and for that you have to run the aps whichsapp file to avoid the limitations of the original version.

It is something that, although a priori is little known to the population with little computer literacy, is that more and more users opt for this type of option, and they can do this because of the multitude of tutorials that exist in the network and give all sorts of tips and milestones to get it.

The most important thing is, however, that the smartphone has the apps, games and tools that the user needs and there is plenty of information on the network. But if you speak or read information from smart phone security professionals, the message is clear and clear: you do not have to download any apps that are not in official app stores, like the Google Play Store. Although sometimes when it does not come by default, the only way to download is to enable the "Unknown Sources" option in the Applications section.

Whatever the case the priority is to guarantee the security of your smartphone and user's personal data, so before making any decision is necessary to be informed about it.

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