Sunday , September 25 2022

Dragon Ball Super: Broly Two characters will return to the next movie, as I've never seen


The new movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly it will show us a reinventation of Goku's origins and satire, and, as expected, more old characters will appear, such as Bardock. Gine, his mother Goku and even forgotten Raditz and Nappa, the Guardian's bodyguard, which will show the juvenile appearances according to the chronology of the film.

We appreciate the unpublished appearance of Raditz baby, who originally appeared as his older brother Goku in the first chapters of Dragon Ball Z and a young Nappa still with hair, in contrast to his bald character presented in the Vegeta saga.

About Super Dragon Ball: Broly

The movie "Dragon Ball Super: Broly " this will be released December 14th in Japanese cinemas and its dubious Spanish language version is expected in our cinemas January 17th

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