Tuesday , June 28 2022

early prevention and diagnosis are the effective combination to cure cancer


Venezuelan Anticancer Society President Cono Gumina said early prevention and diagnosis is the effective combination for curing cancer.

He noted that there is a 25% chance of decreasing cancer mortality rates if detected early.

Gumina, indicated in the program Dialog with moderated by journalist Carlos Croes, that the Venezuelan Anticancer Society has mobile clinics as part of an association program that provides men's screening services for prostate cancer and breast cancer.

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He indicated that since the age of 45, people should start research to confirm the absence of cancer.

He explained that in women the most common cancer is the breast and cervix. MWhile men are prostate, lung and digestive.

In young women, she commented that the most common is the cervix, "because young girls in Venezuela start their sexual activity at an early age, they get HPV, and this has important repercussions."

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