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Eight bronze busts were stolen in less than a year in public places in Carúpano


Foundation plates, church bells, bronze water and light duty covers are also part of the stolen list across the state of Sucre. To date, authorities have not arrested anyone for vandalism that destroys historical and cultural heritage

Yesenia Garcia
| Sucre | Pit

November 26, 2018 at 14:06

Andrés Mata joins the list of missing busts Photo: Yesenia García

Carúpano.- Carúpano, the capital of the Bermudes municipality of Sucre, lost on Saturday, November 24, in the early hours of the morning bust carupanero Andrés Mata, who was a Venezuelan poet, writer and journalist. The incident took place in front of the inert police authorities.

This is not the first time this happens in the public markets of Carúpano. The spaces were left alone with the pedestal, because the bronze statues disappear as by magic. People say the bust in front of the Rómulo Gallegos perimeter was deposited, assuming they were criminals to confirm that it was made of bronze to be later stolen, as it happened.

Residents are alarmed by the situation that has occurred in the public, historical and cultural places of the Sucre state. Until now, security agencies have not commented on how these bronze bands are operating.

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When you take a tour of Carúpano's boulevards you can see everyday people buying bronze, aluminum and copper, without the authorities taking a letter in this situation.

Long list

Other municipalities such as Ribero and Sucre were targeted by criminals, who last year they stole the bells of the Cariaco churches and the Santa Inés de Cumaná Cathedral. Since the end of last year, the stealing of markets, busts, historical plates and bells in churches and hermitages has been unleashed in the Carúpano area.

The long list is made up of the busts of markets: José Félix Ribas, José Manuel Suniaga, Andrés Mata, Los Poetas. In addition to Bolívar's sword, among others. Schools and churches were also the target of the crime, which took over the nation's assets and was loaded with busts and bronze carved bells. Among the schools are: J. J Martínez Mata and Rodríguez Abreu. Besides the lack of church bells and churches such as Coromoto, El Muco, Charallave, El Mangle, and the lack of plates in the historic places in the city.

Historians have insisted for more than a year the acquisition of minerals has grown in the state of Sucre without the application of the law that causes all the historical and cultural plunder.

Presbetero José Ramos's bust in Carupano's Santa Rosa de Lima Cathedral was stolen in early 2018 | Photo by Yesenia García

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