Saturday , January 16 2021

Emelec looks for valuable points in Cuenca | National Championship sports

A victory that allows him to maintain the options to stay in second round is looking for Emelec today in his visit to Deportivo Cuenca on the Alejandro Serrano stadium.

The electrics are the second with 30 points and the win awaits a fall of leader Macará (with 31 units and a visit to Aucas) to assume the top of the championship on this day.

For this commitment, electric technician Mariano Soso will not be able to count Argentine driver Joel Lopez who is suspended, so his place will be occupied by Machaleño, Holger Matamoros.

Blues are optimistic to reach their second victory at this stage (they only beat Aucas 0-1 in Chillogallo) and therefore maintain their aspiration to defend their title in 2017.

"The final stage of the tour is coming in. This is very balanced, we have peace, Deportivo Cuenca is very complicated, we have to focus, attack well and have a good leg with fast transitions," said Esteban Dreer, .

The goalkeeper regretted that his team could not win in other games outside the Capwell stadium, a situation that would have been in the lead.

"If we had won the matches, we should now have five or six points on all (the other teams). Because my winning and losing puts you in sixth place, do not underestimate anyone," he said. rifle.

Regarding the level of his team, Dreer preferred not to talk about this problem, although he admitted that his team had failed in some respects.

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In turn, in Deportivo Cuenca, coach Richard Paez deplored the fact that his team has indiscipline problems, however, he is optimistic to add to the electric.

"We had disciplinary problems, but the necessary corrective measures were taken. Now we want to win," Páez said on radio camper van. (D)

Deportivo Cuenca
Dreer; Paredes, Meiyu, Vega, Johnson; Arroyo, Queiroz, Caicedo, Matamoros; Rojas, Angulo. DT: Mariano Soso

Heras; Carabali, Vallecilla, Sosa, Bagui; Mosquera, Larrea, Martinez, Preciado; Rojas, Bonfigli. DT: Richard Paez

referee: Luis Quiroz
time: 7:30 p.m.
stadium: Alejandro Serrano Aguilar
reports: GolTV


This number has Emelec, second in the tournament ranking, while Deportivo Cuenca is ranked 9th with 19 units.

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