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Uruguay has a first level means

Lucas Torreira, every time he plays better with Celeste, continues to show the good level he put forward with the World Cup selection in Russia and is now the undisputed champion. Against Brazil, it was one of Uruguay's best exponents, having a special profile when it reached a high pressure, especially in the first minutes of the second half, where the best version of the directed by Óscar Tabárez.

Fraybentino played as a midfielder in a 4-1-4-1 and his physical deck was in shape, covering the back of the more advanced flyers and making extra kicks, such as the two balls he stole in the 63rd minute and within the area, with the risk involved.

Thinking of Copa America in 2019, Rodrigo Bentancur and Matías Vecino are also two players who have won their seats. Juventus footballer has the virtue of having a court view and exceptional intelligence, in addition to helping the brand, and midfielder Inter Milan is generally more dedicated to the brand. He must be careful when he comes out to cut and prolong, as he did against Brazil in a game against Neymar where he saw the yellow displayed well.

The need for thinking about the future and in a 4-4-2 passes through who will win the wheel of the fourth.

Debutantes: He did not weigh them

Mathías Suárez and Bruno Méndez have made their debut with the top team and have left very good impressions, especially Wanderers. The small ones were bankrupt, especially before the cracks.

Cáceres: A warranty

Usually used as a side line, both on the right and on the left, Pelado played at Celeste and did very well. With the presence and ordering of young people. He had a good performance.

Campaign: Tranquility

The times that troubled him responded well and confirmed that it was in a wonderful time. A very good relief when Fernando Muslera is missing.

The river:

The gaming generation is in must

The friendly matches that Uruguay played after the World Cup in Russia have confirmed something Celeste has done for a long time: the generation of games. Perhaps the exception was the game against Mexico, which ended with a 4-1 celeste win on the day that Fabián Coito headed because Tabarez has not yet established his new deal.

Against Brazil, the master placed Gaston Pereiro and Edinson Cavani against the groups to help Luis Suárez, the only attacking player, but the ball soon came to Salta. In the first part he managed to generate a dangerous chance with a shot that was saved by Álisson and he was the one who put a good center to Cavani (after a good triangulation with Diego Laxalt) for a volley of the PSG player who he also saved the Brazilian goalkeeper very well.

In addition, in the best moment of Uruguay, three more clear goals came: a shot by Gaston Pereiro, a shot from Suarez and a shot from Matías Vecino.

There is a feeling that creative flyers do not work with this system in Uruguay or, at least, they fail to have the level they have with their teams. Before was Giorgian De Arrascaeta and now something similar to Gaston Pereiro is happening. They do not manage to get into the game vigorously and often devote more to cutting the rivals' advances than creating situations because the game is presented in this way.

A mission for Tabarez for what is coming is to have a larger volume of play and to generate more situations.

Bad striak: Defeats

Celeste lost three of the four games they played after the World Cup. The fall against Brazil (0-1) should be added to South Korea (2-1) and Japan (4-3). He only won against Mexico with a 4-1 win.

Bank: Little action

Against Brazil, Tabárez made the changes after 1-0 by Neymar. Jonathan Rodriguez came in 77 minutes, Mauricio Lemos 81 minutes and Federico Valverde 85 minutes. Basically, they did not have time to show up.

Yellow: many mistakes

The selection ended with the classic, with six yellow cards at the top (Brazil had only two warnings). Sometimes the game was "stung", it was too much and some players abused the strong foot.

Pereiro: Only sparks

The talented PSV player was a left midfielder but a little in the game. He showed only a few glimpses of what he can do with the ball. Uruguay has to look for him more.

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