Saturday , October 1 2022

I met new folding phones, and that's what I learned


The Samsung foldable phone was briefly seen this week.

Yes, I know I've talked about folding phones for years, but now it seems to be true. After ZTE's attempt with Axon M, everything seems to indicate that 2019 will definitely bring us this new way of devices. This week I was at the official presentation of Royole FlexPai, one of the first mobile phones officially marketed and Samsung has also brought us surprises.

According to our editor Juan Garzón, after having Royole FlexPai in his hands, his opinion on the device was not entirely negative, though the truth is that it is a huge phone that is half bent but still has a lot to improve.

Look at this:

I met the Samsung flexible phone, details about …

5:09 p.m.

Also this week I attended the Samsung Developers Conference, which among many other things, let's see first Samsung flexible phone prototype, which has an entire screen on one side and when the folding has another screen that turns out to be just as important when it's closed.

Everything sounds very futuristic, but it is likely next year to know devices from other brands like LG or Huawei, who have already announced they are working on them.

By the way, at the Samsung conference We might know the Galaxy S10 databecause the company has revealed new screen technologies and one of them can undoubtedly apply to the company's next phone, one of the few who has not yet added eyebrows to its devices.

This week, Facebook also launched the Smart Selling Screen for sale and we talked in the program: Should we buy one? Do we trust Facebook after the Cambridge Analytica fiasco? The company ensures that the screen will take care of your privacy., although we are waiting for your comments, would you buy it?

And these days we were very busy writing: the reason? Already begins to smell Christmas and, in particular, the purchase of these festivities. At CNET, in Spanish, we have prepared an updated offer guide so you do not miss anything during Black Friday. And, of course, you can already check out our Christmas shopping guide.

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