Monday , January 24 2022

JPSUV announces two student events this Sunday


Venezuela's Unified Socialist Youth (JPSUV) Secretary-General, Rodbexa Poleo, has reported the establishment of the Venezuelan Women's Federation Congress (FVEM), in addition to the Venezuelan Women's Federation Congress (FVEU) in the context of celebrating the students' day this Sunday, 18 November.

At a press conference at the JPSUV House, Poleo stressed that both congresses would be a sample of participatory democracy and student protagonist.

Both congresses will be installed this Sunday and will run until Tuesday, November 20th. The student movement will develop a debate with which it hopes to develop proposals to propose improvements for student policies in the country, he said.

Rodbexa Poleo informed that 440 delegates will attend the FVEM congress, "one for each municipality, three for each state, one for each parish in Vargas and the district, so far 80,000 elected delegates have been elected more than 2 million 260,000 students in more than 4,400 high schools and technical schools, "he explained.

The JPSUV has announced that it will accompany the decisions, criticisms and proposals from the student movement "to debate, build and contribute to new student policies in Venezuela," the leader added.

Poleo said that "the spokesmen of both federations are protagonists of a democratic, democratic process in which our young people at the age of 12 will choose their spokespersons who are highlighted as student leaders in each section, high school, municipality and states in the country ".

Mobilization on the 21st

The closing ceremony of both congresses will take place on November 21st, with student mobilization "celebrating and commemorating the rights of students," said Poleo.

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