Wednesday , September 28 2022

Navigators and Bravi divided into Valencia


Magallanes left Margaret on the ground 3-2 and then the white islanders on the Turks

CARACAS Margarita Braves and Navegantes del Magallanes have divided the honors in the double round played yesterday in Jóse Bernardo Pérez of Valencia.

In the first game, a unique tug Endy Chavez at the end of the tenth episode he won the ship 3-2 against Margarita.

At the bottom of the second episode, Moisés Gómez hit a sacrifice sacrifice to boost the first line of commitment. In the fourth half, Gómez hit a single-line tug to put the Turkish ship up 2-1. At the bottom of the tenth and endless game, Endy Chávez hit a tug to leave Margarita on the field. The winning pitcher was Ryan Kussmaul (1-0) and Kender Villegas (0-1) was defeated. In the second match, Bravos overcame the Turks 7-0, thanks to a six goal in the fifth half. The winning pitcher was Logan Darnell (1-0) and defeated Carlos Zambrano (0-3).

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