Tuesday , January 26 2021

Nicole Kidman spoke of her long-term relationship with her adopted children

The actress broke the silence about the two boys she grew up with Tom Cruise, Connor and Isabella Source: Archive

There has been much speculation about the relationship we (who)

Nicole Kidman
He supports with Isabella and Connor, the two children he adopted during his marriage to Tom Cruise. And that's it
the two young men would have followed their father in the proposed Scientology doctrine, and for this reason,
They've cut off all the ties to the actress for many years.

These rumors were fueled by the lack of images of the protagonist
Big Little Lies with them The last picture they can be seen together dates back to 2004, a few years after their cruise divorce. Divorce marriage, in fact, would also have much to do with the actor's confession religion
Top Gun, who insisted on raising his children in the system of practices and beliefs developed by US L. Ron Hubbard, while Kidman disagreed with this decision.

The actress born in Hawaii has always been elusive to talk about the relationship with the two older children, today 25 (Isabella) and 23 (Connor). This time, interviewed by the Australian magazine Who also scored his position. "I am very reserved of all this," she said when asked about the issue. "I have to protect all these relationships, I know I will give up my life for my children, it's my job."

But then he explained: "My children are adults, they have the right to make their own decisions. They chose to believe in Scientology, as a mother, it is my job to love them." Thus, he confirmed that both young men embraced the controversial religion Cruise and other artists such as John Travolta and Elisabeth Moss had done.

The actress is married since 2006 with Keith Urban, with whom she has two girls, Rose Rose (10 years) and Faith Margaret (8).

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