Tuesday , August 3 2021

Saime assesses the extension of the extension and the validity of passports on the agenda

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Photo: Reference

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Administrative Service for Identification, Migration and Immigration (Saime) assessed the possibility to extend the validity of the passport from five to ten years, like the extension, that would increase from two to five years, so indicated Gustavo Vizcaíno, director of the institution.

In an interview offered to him VTV, The representative of the identification body has stated that this measure is taken because of the studies he has done so that they "are studying the lifting of the passport to ten years and the extension to five."

He indicated this process is advanced and there are only a few details missing. "That is already studied, almost completed, needs only the approval of a point of view" so that this measure can enter into force without indicating an approximate date.

He also announced that the measure of validity for a decade will be for passports issued when approving this new regulation, on the other hand, those people who already have this accreditation they will only enjoy the benefits of prolonged prolongation from two to five years.

"A new passport will come, which will have a ten-year expiration date with the entry into force of the new regulation." Anyone who already has a passport will be governed by the same transitional provision, will remain in force and will have an extension of five years. to reach 10 years, "Vizcaino said.

Director Saime said that the expansion option is used with intent "extend the life of your passport", due to the fact that there are occasions when users do not use this document and when it expires, it is requesting a new brochure, which is why it considered it extremely necessary to maintain this option in force.


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