Saturday , June 25 2022

Science explains why children do not like vegetables


It is common for children to hear the phrase "I do not like mommy vegetables." This action that multiplies in the houses of the world has an explanation according to science.

In a publication on the portal Huffington Post AustraliaRussell Keast, professor of sensory science and nutrition and director of Advanced Sensitive Science Center at Deakin University, explains that children's changing tastes are due evolutionary motives.

"A lot of things I have done about how people have developed a taste for food have been based on caffeine and the role it has," he says.

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"Caffeine is a bitter compound found in coffee, tea and chocolate, and it's also an additive for alcoholic beverages." This is interesting because deception itself is one of these warning signs, "says the specialist.

But what do the vegetables have for the children to dislike? Study researchers suggest that bitter taste of calcium, very present in vegetables, such as spinach and Swiss chard, cabbage, onion, thistle or broccoli, can be a sensory factor that has a very negative impact on the consumption of children. Therefore, it is essential to have a little mistake and skill to cook them in an attractive way and to know how to combine them with sauces, dairy products, tomatoes and other ingredients that mask the bitter taste that children often refuse.

"There is a lot of variation in the way we live in. Someone may have a great aversion to broccoli because it has bitter taste receptors that respond to a specific compound in broccoli, while other people do not have that receptor and, by therefore, do not experience the bitterness of broccoli, "Russell concludes.

So, you know, it's a normal situation, you just need patience for the baby to adapt to new flavors, it's also a good idea to be creative in preparing vegetables to conquer your children's palace.

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