Saturday , February 4 2023

Stellar Launches $ 125 Million Package for CriptoNoticias Block Bags Users


The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF), in association with the Blockchain Initiation Group, initiated the first free token distribution program. Through this tool, better known as "airdrops" they will distribute the equivalent of 125 million dollars in lumen (XLM), Stellar's cryptoculture. The announcement was made on Tuesday, October 6, on the official websites of both companies.

Blockchain pointed out in his blog that This chips distribution is the largest one to be made in the history of cryptocurtures. Previously, the Dfinity project occupied this place, with the launch of an airdrop in June, with more than $ 35 million in DFN tokens being distributed.

Stellar has already been incorporated into Blockchain, making it compatible with the fourth cryptographic platform, along with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

The launch program, based in Luxembourg, will provide full support through the Blockchain Airdrop program for the XLM distribution process. Chipshots will be available to all users who register. In this regard, the official page clarifies that platform This will require participants to verify their identity to claim their lumen. Once this essential step is completed, $ 25 in XLM will be credited to the Blockchain user's portfolio.

It should be noted that some comments on the Twitter social network reflected some user complaints before requesting KYC (Know Your Customer) information to complete this process.

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