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The diet that everyone should do, according to experts


For the sake of their own health and the planet itself, a hamburger a week, but it is not, it is the diet that everyone should do. According to a report published on Wednesday, January 17, which is trying to transform the diet in the world, this would be right.

The amount of eggs should be limited to less than four per week, the report shows, and dairy products should be a portion per day or less so that it is the complete diet that everyone should do.

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Diet that everyone should do. Photo: Pixabay

The diet that everyone should do is presented in the report, prepared by a group of experts in nutrition, agriculture and the environment, recommends a diet consisting of foods of vegetable origin, with arguments supported by previously published studies, red meat with a higher risk of health problems.

Other recent studies have shown how dietary habits affect the environment. Production of red meat occupies land and livestock feed, which emit methane, a greenhouse gas.

John Ioannidis, president of Stanford University disease prevention, said he welcomed increased attention to how diets affect the environment, but that the report's recommendations do not reflect the level of scientific uncertainty about nutrition and health.

Diet that everyone should do. Photo: Pixabay

Evidence is not as strong as it sounds, he said.

The diet that everyone should do is improve the feeding system

The report was organized by EAT, a Stockholm-based non-profit organization that aims to improve the feeding system and was published in the Lancet medical journal.

The group of experts who wrote it said that a "major transformation of food" is urgently needed by 2050 and that the ideal diet that they sketched is flexible enough to adapt to food crops around the world.

In general, the diet focuses on whole grains, beans, fruits and most vegetables. He notes that added sugar should be limited, refined beans, such as white rice, and starch such as potatoes and manioc. He adds that average red meat consumption should be halved around the world, although necessary changes vary depending on the region, and reductions should be more drastic in richer countries such as the United States.

However, people's conviction to limit their consumption of meat, cheese and eggs will not be easy, especially in places where these foods are part of the culture.

In Sao Paulo, system analyst Cleberson Bernardes said he left a restaurant that eats only a portion of red meat per week would be "ridiculous." While in Berlin, artisan Erik Langguth pointed out that there are better ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and rejected the suggestion that the world will reduce meat consumption.

"If you do not have meat, it's not a good meal," said Langguth, who is originally from a region known for bratwurst sausages.

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