Tuesday , January 31 2023

The Lions and the Cardinals have made an advantage in their series


CARACAS In a meeting where there is no lack of emotion or drama, as it has been characterized in recent days in the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League (LVBP), the team The lions of Caracas lvictory Tuesday 6-5 before The Caribbean of Anzoategui at the Alfonso "Chico" Carrasquel stadium in Puerto la Cruz, Anzoategui, to place the semi-final series in favor of two cattle and one lost.

The hairy set, which has lost its starting flag César Jiménez for discomfort when making the first commitment, he boarded the board thanks to a touch of the ball on the edge of the first comeback Gregorio Petit to bring his partner's feet Jeffrey Báez first hair 1-0.

Later at the conclusion of the fourth chapter by Anzoatiguens, with Williams Astudillo in the third base, while Luis Jiménez Secondly, he left the bats Niuman Romero one shot to the left of the field to push the third on the board and put the shock 1-1.

Already at the beginning of the fifth stage, the capital team opened the score 4-1 due to offensive contributions Ramón Cabrera. Felix Perez and a ticket he received Franklyn Gutiérrezbefore releases Jean Carlos. To close the same section, Astudillo sent a field field that can not be detected to push Rafael Ortega to the board and thus equals the actions at four races.

At the beginning of the seventh, with the same commitment, the debutant of the Anzoátegui match, Balbino Fuenmayor caused an error when he dropped to the second base, which allowed him to comfortably write to Baéz the fifth race, while Petit appeared again with the bats to connect an unstoppable with the field which increased the gap 6-4.

For the closing of the ninth, when everything seemed to be defined 6-4, there was a homeless run at home Oswaldo Arcia to the right field that put his team with the minimum 6-5, but a great job on the other side of Caracas, Miguel Socolovich, allowed to give victory to the hairy.

The winning pitcher of this match was right Craig Stem by Lions, while for Lara he was the one who defeated Gregory Infante.

On the other hand, at the José Bernardo Pérez Stadium in Valencia, the Carabobo state, the set ofCardinal Lara has defeated 6-2 in 11 episodes at Navegantes del Magallanes to place the semi-final series 2-1.

In that game, the pitcher who took the victory was Ryan Kelly by cardinals and loser was Edgar Ibarra, by Magallanes.

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