Friday , March 31 2023

The Mexicans will live Mars' hostile environment in the Utah desert


Mexico – A group of Mexicans will experience the hostile environment of Mars, carrying out a similar mission in a desert in Utah, United States, today reported the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT).

From December 15 to December 30, the Exploration Mission 1 (MEx-1) will face a simulation of vicissitudes and undertake the tasks that astronauts live on a real mission, such as isolating and collecting surface samples Martian.

This mission will be the 201 analogue mission program coordinated by Mars, an organization that aims to spread the benefits of exploring Mars. It is also the first team formed entirely by Mexicans.

MEx-1 commander Tania Robles said she has "the fascination to continue exploring and finding new ways," because it is an intrinsic feature of the human being.

He also emphasized that they can not emulate the experience on Mars entirely because the simulation of sensations such as radiation or gravity is very complicated.

The team led by Robles will be made up of six students and professionals who will travel to the Mars Desert Research research facility (MDRS for its English acronym).

In addition, they will receive support from a support team who, in Mexico, will communicate with the crew.

This first and only Mexican mission similar program in MDRS aims to attract Mexican talent and encourage children and young people to engage in scientific, humanistic or social activities related to the space sector.

The crew will have to deal with during their stay activities, such as the development of exploration vehicle control algorithms that help to analyze land and collect solid material samples.

Crew cognitive functions will also be evaluated due to isolation, stress and physical and mental fatigue.

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