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The new minimum wage touches a box of eggs and a whole chicken


January 17, 2019 07:15
Updated January 17, 2019 07:35

"It is enough for Nicolás Maduro to talk about everything to grow," said Joan Monsalve, the only client of a butcher on the Chacao municipal market, at noon on Tuesday. An opinion that most consumers share. And one day after the minimum wage of 18,000 Bolivars, which the president announced on Monday, came into force, prices rose. Until yesterday, the new salary was enough to buy an egg box, costing 8,000 bolives, and a whole chicken weighing 2 pounds, worth 9,200 bolivarians.

Exactly one week ago, with 7,200 bolivarians, a consumer could buy the same two products on the Chacao market: the 30 eggs cost 3,600 bolivari, and the whole chicken was priced at approximately 3,600 bolivarians. Kilogram came out in 1,800 sovereigns.

"The beef kilo?" Monsalve asked the butcher, who replied: 7,500 bolivarians. On Wednesday, last week, the article had a cost of 4,700 bolivarians in the same unit, which represents an increase of 59.5% in 7 days. "Give me a kilito," said the sole customer of the worker's vendor.

Awaiting delivery of the meat, he said the salary increase is the same as the one Maduro's government has done all the time, and is one of the causes that led Venezuela to disaster. "Six months later, with this man (Maduro), we will end up eating each other." This is not going to happen to anybody, it's tough, very strong, "said Monsalve.

Beginning with December, pounds of beef grew by 343.7%, as at that time it was obtained in 1690 bolivarians. In January 2018, it could be purchased with the equivalent of 3.7 bolivarians; that is, 370,000 bolivariers of the previous monetary cone. This means that in one year its price varied 202.602.7%. The box of 30 eggs increased by 249,900%, because in January last year it was 3,2 or 320,000 bolivarians.

Economists have repeatedly warned that wage increases decree worsen the ravages of hyperinflation because the government can only fund it by issuing money without support through the Venezuelan Central Bank.

In Quinta Crespo, the minimum wage also evaporates in some shopping. In a fridge on the municipal market, the pound of chicken sold it yesterday in 4,500 bolivariers, so to buy it entirely left little more than 9,000 bolivarias, depending on the weight. In December, it could be transported in 800 bolivarians, indicating that it increased by 462.5% in one month.

The vendor informed that the Integral of Markets and Warehouses authorized them to sell it at the market price for the time being and as long as it did not show them in the refrigerator. He said the chicken is practically the only thing he has managed to sell since the government regulated the price of the chicken. He did not sell his thigh or breast.

"On Tuesday I went to a supermarket and the pound of poultry meat cost 5,000 bolivariers." The increase in salary is not the solution, the problem is that Venezuela is completely stopped, collapsed, a country that does not produce it does not go any further, I work in the Ministry of Industry and we have 200 of factories that do nothing, just keep wages, "the worker added.

– Good morning, excuse me, how long does the whole chicken have? José Guerrero asked. "4,500 bolivars," the seller replied. With a "thank you," the consumer returned and left. "We have not even paid the minimum wage and have already exhausted, already turned into cosmic dust. The only way to solve this economic, social, political and educational crisis is to leave the regime entirely and also the debris that exists in opposition, "the consumer said.

The effects of a new salary increase, this time of 300%, have been clearly reflected on the Quinta Crespo market. The butchers' corridor was virtually deserted by consumers. The butchers, inactive due to lack of work, were distracted by their mobile phones. Refrigerators were empty beef and offered only pork.

The chicken egg distributor continues to suffer the consequences of price control. He has failed to sell them since the government published on August 22 in Official Gazette 6397, the list of 25 regulated foods. Since then he has only sold quail eggs.

"You can not sell eggs because we are forced to sell them at a regulated price. If we sell at a market price, we close the business, it is preferable not to sell," he said. He added that he was recently offered a box of 12 cartons in 75,000 bolivars. "It's hard to keep up with the quail eggs. Maduro's growth is useless, it's a knife in his throat.

Meanwhile, bachaqueros in the vicinity of the Quinta Crespo market offered cardboard up to 6,600 bolivarias. "Due to Maduro's growth, we are upset and angry because food prices are rising," Esther González said on the market. The woman who earns the minimum wage is convinced she will now buy less food.

It is the increase that recorded the kilogram of beef in a month. In December last year it was obtained in 1690 bolivarians. Now there are 7,500 bolivarias

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