Tuesday , June 28 2022

The second part of "Ralph", a box office success


Also breaks the cinemas

LOS ANGELES (Notimex). – Disney movie "Ralph breaks the internet" was installed in an overwhelming place in theaters in the United States during the Thanksgiving weekend, sources from the cinema industry report.

In preliminary figures from Wednesday to Sunday, the animated film amounted to 84.5 million dollars.

The sequel is ranked as the second best debut on the United States Thanksgiving weekend, behind another Disney title, "Frozen," which earned $ 93.6 million in the first five days.

"Ralph Breaks the Internet" had a high production budget of $ 175 million – so he has to keep pace with the world to make a profit. In the foreign box office, the movie added 41.5 million dollars, which gave him a total of 125.9 million.

"Ralph" was not the only follow-up with good results this weekend.

Creed II, from MGM and New Line, raised $ 55 million in 3,350 rooms during the five days and 34 million in the weekend.

This marks the best debut of a non-animated action movie during this period. The numbers also surpass the first installment of "Creed," with Michael B. Jordan, who opened $ 29 million in three days.

Thirdly, Fantastic Animals: Grindelwald Crime was installed, which collected $ 43,300,000 for the five-day trip and $ 29,200,000 for the second year. This accounts for a total of 116.5 million euros.

"The Grinch" by Universal, the animated adaptation of Dr. Seuss's Christmas classic, added another 42 million for a total of 180 million dollars to his three-week boxing office.

Rome, by Alfonso Cuarón, debuted in three theaters in New York and two in Los Angeles, but his earnings were not reported.

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