Friday , March 31 2023

These are the new rates of bank operations


In the Official Gazette no. 41521 of November 9, Venezuelan Central Bank (BCV) announced it has updated fees for commissions and surcharges that financial institutions can charge for services they provide to the public.

The BCV publishes an official notification when notifying bank institutions, exchange offices and non-bank point of sale point terminals, maximum limits for operations and / or activities.

Also, a resolution is published whereby banking institutions can only charge customers or the general public for the concepts set by the issuing body.

For withdrawals at the issuing bank's or third-party banker's ATMs is 3% and 5% of the amount as agreed in May this year.

Issuance of credit cards ranges from BsS 152.18 to BsS 543.47.

Checks returned due to lack of funds in current or unpaid accounts will be charged 900 suicides for individuals and 3,000 sovereigns to legal entities.

The sale of foreign currency in cash will have a maximum cost of 5% of the transaction value in national currency.

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