Saturday , May 28 2022

This is how the parishioners prepare for the Divine Liturgy in honor of St. Lucia [+Fotos]


Today, festivity in honor Saint Lucia. neighborhood Empedrao is full of joy and pride during his descent Santa Patron.

The usual liturgy scheduled for the afternoon at 5:30 does not yet begin with the church's last-minute arrangements.

However, already Santuiceña parishioners It is inside the Holy Temple to worship him.

Omilia will be offered by Guillermo Segundo Sánchez, president of the jurisdiction. In the songs of entry, offer and other special moments of the ecclesiastical ceremony, The choir and the orchestra excursion, the group that has 28 years of experience and participation in the main churches and parishes in Maracaibo, with topics such as Close to you, sir, the faith of Mary, intercesses for the Holy Mother and hallelujah, among others.

Santa Lucia neighborhood looks clean. Many of its inhabitants sit in front of the house waiting for the exit from The Holy Martyr, who will wear a suit color cream. It will descend from the niche through a slide that measures 6 meters.

The church is established by the group Flowers of mercy, those who decorated the descent Virgin of Chiquinquirá.

The route through the Luciteñas streets will start from 8:00 at night and will be received with the traditional donuts from Santa Lucia Boulevard. The process will be called "St. Lucia, Empedrao's treasure".

At this time, the security operation that will protect the patron saint is also installed.

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