Tuesday , January 31 2023

An earthquake occurs near the Vietnam border


An earthquake near the border with Vietnam - China - Photo 1.

An earthquake near the border between Vietnam and China (Photo: Institute of Geophysics)

According to the Earthquake and Tsunami Warning Institute (Geophysical Institute), at 5 36 minutes 32 seconds (GMT) or 12 hours 36 minutes 32 seconds (Hanoi time) on January 17, a 3 degree magnitude earthquake occurs at the site coordinates 23,056 north latitude, 104,156 eastern longitude, depth about 29 km. Earthquakes occur near the Vietnam border – China is about 25 km from the Muong Khuong district, Lao Cai province.

Speaking with reporters, associate professor Nguyen Hong Phuong, deputy director of the earthquake and tsunami warning center, said: "The earthquake occurred near the Vietnam-China border area of ​​Muong district. Khuong, Lao Cai province is a small earthquake, touching only a magnitude of 3 degrees, so it is unlikely to damage people and property, and directly affect life here.

On September 8, 2018, the Lao Cai area experienced a minor tremor due to an earthquake in Yunnan province (China).

Earthquake alert and tsunami warning – The Geophysical Institute continues to monitor this earthquake.

Ly Thanh Huong

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