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At the end of the year, many people who loved the car sold "because of non-payment


According to the reporter, some of Hanoi's big dealers are selling cars mercedess c230 2001 worth 460 million. According to the car owner, this car has been completely imported from the Middle East, used in four times, the first boss is the German diplomat, then the businessman.

The Mercedes C230 sells over 460 million.

The reason to sell car owners revealed the hard work, the debt has to sell the debt repayment. According to Pham Hung Street, the reason for the sale of cars is the fact that many of them are in debt for the sale of cars is very common, especially at the end of the year, approaching Tet and especially on the occasion of football.

According to Manh, car owners, car plugs often play a very large price of several hundred to several billion, car sales are the first step, many people also sell the house. The auto business is not good enough to sell the car is also a bit, but.

Currently, the relationship between successful transactions and the car market in the old car has been relatively low. Many car dealers believe that the car is 10 years, although the appearance and quality eye-catching, but also difficult to sell to people who need it.

Range Rover sold for over 650 million.

"People are afraid to buy a car will buy more accessories at advantageous prices, many of which must be reserved before Vietnam." Vietnam's luxury cars are currently very strong competition from car manufacturers. With the comfort of the car, 10 years ago, the new mid-range vehicles are now equipped, even more diverse and more modern, "the car dealership also in Pham Hung said.

Currently, not only through professional car dealerships, car owners also have different approaches, such as transferring vehicles to locals, rural species that they prefer to sell on social networks.

On a single site, Lexus LX470 2000 and Range Rover 2002 were offered for sale at over 650 million. This price is, in fact, considered expensive and hard to sell because it currently has 500 models of 5-7 seats on the 500 million VND market.

Lexus also sells for the same price as the Range Rover.

According to Mr. Hoang, the Range Rover owner used car sales at Nguyen Van Cu Street, Long Bien District, Hanoi: "For those who love Range Rover, from the beginning of 2018 until now, the opportunity to choose their new car. difficult to enter because the price was raised due to many expenses. " Since the beginning of the year, quite a few people choose to sell the old Range Rover to push the car, but the demand for second-hand cars is not too high.

In fact, two to three years ago, the luxury super luxury line in Vietnam, there are three types: diplomatic vehicles, surf cars and used machines in the country, however the current line Old vehicles belonging to the super machines, the cars luxury is just a type of car used by individuals in the country, car navigation or donated diplomatic donations can not return to Vietnam due to strict control policy.

"Surf machines are often priced at high prices and enjoy machine enthusiasts, while used cars are mostly sold in the country when the car is in difficulty or the owner is insolvent or bankrupt," Hoang said.

According to Dan Tri

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