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Audiences face hot when his stepfather ever lives "Quynh doll" suddenly appear


The audience applauded indignantly when Quynh's father appeared

Quynh said that after his father died, she went upstairs with her stepfather. The time spent with her mother and her stepfather was the darkest period of her life, being constantly violated by her father.

Although she had told her several times, she was condemned by her own mother to make her story. Even Quynh's mother believed his daughter was spoiled, so she tried to seduce her uncle. And after being raped by her stepfather, Quynh was pregnant and washed in the dark.

His stepfather's portrait shot the Quynh doll.

His stepfather's portrait kidnapped Quynh's "doll".

In episode 23, his stepfather, as a businessman, at the fashion store Quynh made after watching the video of jealousy in the network. However, Quynh did not work here. He was the Quynh's room manager, but he just arrived to meet Nghia wearing Quynh outside. You do not realize that this step-father does not follow him, but he's still looking at the inn. He came, met the motel's boss, his new step-father Quynh left this place.

Even when Quynn's stepfather appeared in episode 23, the audience was boiling hot "blood" by the man who had Quynh's life in the abyss.

Many people did not ask when Quynh's stepfather from a mountain farmer suddenly became a wealthy businessman. He wondered why his stepfather was so young and so impatient. However, not seven people expressed anger at the stepfather who had hurt his child once.

Besides the fact that there are some people who are more quiet, they think that the stepfather's appearance is the catalyst Quynh no longer resembles even more blunt than before, who will rise to get rid of the sculpture. the hardness of life.

The role of Quynh's fathers' "dolls" played by actor Dong Thanh Binh. Before that, when it appears in the film: Night schedule, hearts for heart, flowers for the mountains, love for the rainbow, sun in the valley, sun in the spring, fairy fireworks … This actor is often attributed to the roles of ethnic minorities even born in Cat Ba – Hai Phong …

Dong Thanh Binh received the "Best Actor" Award at the 15th Vietnam Film Festival in "Night Without Borders". The quintessential baby doll is one of the rare occasions when an actor rebels into a villain, causing the audience to hate and anger.

The stepfather's attitude makes shop staff very nasty.

The stepfather's attitude makes shop staff very nasty.

Concerned about the role of a negative character, Dong Qing Binh said: "Any role is very difficult, it requires the actor to act well. I can not deny that the negative character will bring a more impressive vision for the audience, but I do not think in my role too gentle that the audience did not know.

In life, actor Dong Thanh Binh is director of an information technology services company. Though he has worked in many jobs, Dong Thanh Binh still has the charm of his career because it is his career that gives him the chance to recharge himself in different destinies, resulting in a lot of experience. Help you live more meaningfully.

Qu'nh miserable after the clip of jealousy hit the network

In the same episode, in Episode 23, after Quynh's jealous clip (made of "wolf"), Quynn's life was extremely devastated. Going anywhere, people were recognizable and looking unfavorable.

Even more people come to the store to see Quynh's face, which makes the business more or less affected. The tip is that she was called Thinh in the room to talk privately and leave the job. Although he does not want, but because it would affect the image and reputation of the company, Thinh should have given Quynh leave.

Quynh Thinh left the job after the jealousy clip hit the network to affect the business.

Quynh Thinh left the job after the jealousy clip hit the network to affect the business.

Quynh tired of what in the past hanged forever did not have the chance to make life again. Quynh thought he crushed the contempt of the world, but now, pointing to Thinh, looking at her eyes, Quynh knew she was too naive, hoping something illusory to be called almonds. being. Once again, Quynh feels his life is naked.

Meanwhile, my "wolf" continues to "prune" Quynh's past on the net to make Quynh "alive unfinished." This incident was discovered by Kien. Unhappy to meet with Dao to inquire about Quynh because he previously said he knew Quynh. Dao Kien knew Quynh was his sister's friend. Kien said that Dao should not be associated with such people will be affected.

That made Dao go crazy, meet Quynh in the room, shouted Quynh's face that "he does not seem to know it anymore." Dao told Quynh if he was dirty, dirty alone, not involving others. disappointed and sad before Dao's attitude, but can not blame Lan sister. "My wolf complains when Quynh's situation becomes so pathetic.

Quynh can not go anywhere because after the clip of jealousy has spread online, go where she was exiled. Quynh could not take it anymore, called Nghia to deal with My. The old hostage quay chased to rape. Fortunately, Nghia arrived in time to save him. Quynh has decided to leave this place. At the same time, she accompanied Nghia, Quynh's father came to find him.

Dao to find a place to open the anger on Quynh after being interrogated.

Dao to find a place to open the anger on Quynh after being interrogated.

Nghia also talked about Lan's inspiration is the story, not simply heading south. It seems that Lan was left behind by a family in an abandoned house that was brought into the family every day. Lan still crazy crazy ignorant cult.

Elsewhere, Thinh came to meet Quynh to express his feelings, but unfortunately Quynh can not get it anymore. She knew she and Thinh never met.

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