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Black Eyed Peas has questioned the new girl group "Miss Black", "Miss A and her friends," revealed the most Kpop


Since Jennie's solo debut with "SOLO", Black Pink rapper has become a hot topic for netizens. In addition, plus Jennie's concert shows to show signs of superficial jumping, and the old videos were "dig grave," "Father Princess" Yang is criticized by many people. .

From a group of four-faced girls who have both talent and looks, the netien thinks YG's favoritism for Jennie, Black Pink, is gradually overburdened with Cube's I-DLE. in the group of girls "Miss A and her friends" revealed the most Kpop. And why is netizen so firmly assertive? This is due to the evidence below.

Jennie is almost always dressed in the most prominent band

Due to the colorful costumes, the other three members proved to be Jennie's dancers.

The new Black Pink is a group of girls she A and the most revealing friends Kpop - Photo 5.
The new black pink question is Group A and the most revealed Kpop friends - Photo 6.
The new Black Pink is a group of girls she A and the most renowned Kpop - Photo 7 friends.
The new Black Pink question is a group of girls she and the most revealing friends Kpop - Photo 8.

Jennie's costumes would have been more expensive or refined than the rest of Black Pink.

Solo masterpiece debut

It is clear that the love of Jennie's father for Jennie is the first rapper to become Black Pink's first solo member. Why Rosé, Lisa or Jisoo are not "shot," but Jennie? Of course, only the president respected by YG can answer this question.

As for VM, "SOLO" is strongly invested in the fashion segment. In addition, he not only made his debut at MV, but YG also released two SOLO dance solo videos, or even organized a dance dance competition, despite the fact that the dance steps did not cause fever.

"Solo" (Dance Performance Version) – Jennie (Black Pink)

Internet Explorer Black Pink is the new A female group and the most revealing friends Kpop - Photo 12.

Official poster for the "SOLO" dance cover.

Lisa must wear Jennie's dancer's suit?

One of the more exciting topics nowadays is when fans find that Lisa and Jennie dancers have the same outfit, not just one, but two or three times. The fact that YG Jennie always carries costly and expensive clothes, but leaving Lisa dressed as a dancer has made the idol fans' community in Thailand unacceptable.

The dancers of Lisa and Jennie are not just the same things, but three times.

YG for both employees discriminates against each Black Pink member?

In Netizen's "Graveyard Tomb", after Black Pink finished playing in the water park and stepped out of the performance area, Rosé, Lisa and Jisoo went with a staff member. Jennie was about four or five employees behind, surrounded by umbrellas, covered with towels for her. This continues to alienate netizens from YG's excessive favor to Jennie.

Clip Discrimination Among Black Pink Members: Jennie alone is escorted as a princess

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