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Crown 22 billion Miss Earth Where is Phuong Khanh?


Monday, 12/11/2018 18:13 (GMT + 7)

On his return home and in his recent encounter, the expensive crown of the beautiful Ben Tre village does not appear.

Phuong Khanh won the nation's reputation when he overcame many of the best players in the world, crowning the highest place in the world "Miss Earth 2018 – Miss Earth".

On 11.11, the flight to Phuong Khanh to Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Ho Chi Minh City. Many fans came to the airport early, preparing banners, flags, flowers … to meet Miss Tan on that day to come back.

Then, Phuong Khanh radiant look with traditional give it. Unlike beautiful crowns when they return home, she does not have a crown. In live broadcasting, many fans in the country and abroad have raised the same question: "Where is the 22 billion crown of Phuong Khanh?"

Croda 22 billion Miss Earth is where? - 1

Phuong Khanh does not cut the day off.

Croda 22 billion Miss Earth is where? - 2

Phuong Khanh at "Miss Earth 2018". Its crown, worth 22 billion euros.

On the afternoon of November 12, Phuong Khanh had a meeting with the media in Ho Chi Minh City, this time not worn the expensive crown. Ngoc Tinh, Mr. Phuc Nguyen and many other models are also present to congratulate Ben Tre.

In response to the media, Phuong Khanh said the crown value is very high and expects everyone to understand it. "Next time I come back to Vietnam, I'll wear a crown" she said.

Supermodel Ngoc Tinh said, the original crown is in the Philippines – the host country "Miss Earth 2018", and can not be removed from the country. Consequently, before the contest, the organizers will have a human crown. Phuong Khanh has not seen both.

In addition, Mr Phuc Nguyen added: "Croatia can be brought abroad only when the president or official representative of the Miss Earth page. Phuong Khanh's meeting with today's media is out of the plan because he has to come back soon, meet and exchange people This activity is not part of Miss Earth's official plan.

Currently, the contest team has not yet been able to arrange a representative or president to wear a crown in Vietnam. I'll see you one day not far.

Croda 22 billion Miss Earth is where? - 3

Phuong Khanh's market is still alive Philippines.

With the new role, Phuong Khanh said he would focus on environmental protection, going to many places to promote it in Vietnam.

She also said she was very loving at Ben Tre, the Mekong River, and urged everyone to conserve and protect the environment against landslide problems in Western provinces.

Croda 22 billion Miss Earth is where? - 4

Beautiful scene of beautiful people in Ben Tre.

Phuong has a height of 1.72 meters, weighs 51 kg, measured with three rounds is 90-58-94. She is the first Vietnamese beauty to win a crown at one of today's greatest beauty competitions.

to Miss EarthPhuong Khanh is considered a potential candidate from the beginning. Some remarkable achievements on her part are winning the gold medal, national dresses and costumes, silver medal for the bikini contest.

The three beautiful

Rose Ben Tre said the Miss Earth contest is wonderful, looks like the second family.

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