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Da Nang breaks the limit of hundreds of billions of gold giants on Mount Hai Van

The Lien Chieu District asked Ngo Van Quang not to continue the construction, to urgently finalize the transfer of property to the villa under the foot of Hai Van Pass to surrender the status quo before 31/12.

According to Dan Tri's newspaper, Lien Chieu district representative, Da Nang, the local government has worked with Mr. Ngo Van Quang (director of the Phuoc Minh gold company, Quang Nam province), the owner of the illegal building in the Hai Van Mountain area Khanh Bac, Lien Chieu district).

Consequently, Mr. Quang would like to take time to dismantle, transport goods to other places due to large assets and hundreds of billions of money should take time for transport.

After the review, the county government agreed and the deadline for complete dismantling of the construction works is over 31/12 before.

A corner of Quang's mantle before being forced to dismember it. Pictured: Nguyen Dong.

Previously, on October 31, Lien Chieu District Inspection Group, Da Nang coordinated local authorities to check the current state of Ngo Van Quang illicit but failed to return, There are many people in the house .

Concerned about the fact that the owner of this illegal retreat refused to receive the inspection team on October 31, the VnExpress newspaper reported in the Lien Chieu district then told his representative to work and request. Apply strictly the construction of additional elements, self-denying the violation, otherwise it will be forced.

As the Ngo Van Quang gold constructor discovered the illegal building on Mount Hai Van on February 4, 2015, the Lien Chieu District People's Committee sanctioned administrative violations against Mr Ngo Van Quang Illegal construction works on larger forest land 1400 m2.

On 8/12/2015, the Lien Chieu District People's Committee issued a project implementation decision, the deadline for finalizing the execution before 31 January 2016. Mr. Quang would like to dismantle and start on 12 / 12/2015.

However, on 16/12/2015 and 20 January 1616, Quang's family presented the causes that could affect the progress of the dismemberment, the prolongation of the dismantling time.

On 28 January 2016, the Lien Chieu District People's Committee made a record of the voluntary disbandment of Quang's violation. At the same time, we continue to oversee and urge Mr Quang to complete the dismantling, but it has not yet been completed.

Mr. Ngo Van Quang, director of Phuoc Minh Gold (Phuoc Son District, Quang Nam District), is located at the foot of Hai Van Mountain (Group 1, Hoa Hiep Bac Ward, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang Town). The villa is located in a beautiful location, about 400 meters from Hai Van Pass, at the FPD headquarters in Lien Chieu district.

The villa is surrounded by concrete fence walls, inside is a huge space, many buildings, objects. The villa has more than 1,400m2, with many solid construction, periodic in the area of ​​about 5ha. Mister. Quang for construction in 5 years, buying articles … and costs about 150 billion.

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