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France 1-0 Uruguay: poor victory for the king


France 1-0 Uruguay: poor victory for the king


France: Giroud (52 & # 39 ;, pen)

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World Cup 2018, France against Uruguay and won 2-0 with the goals of Raphael Varane and Antoine Griezmann. It was a game in which the Uruguayan goalkeeper Muslera made a mistake for the host team to pay the price. In last night's match, Muslera was not present, teammates from the defensive center Jimenez and Diego Godin absent. This worries URG Uruguayan NHL, when Mendez, Mathias Suarez or goalkeeper Martin Campana have an international experience too modest to face the extremely difficult World Cup champion.

Although a friendly match, but both sides give each other some respect. Coach Didier Deschamps launches the best team he has at this time. Griezmann – Mbappe – Giroud are major players on the pitch. In the middle of the field, the young talent in Lyon, Tanguy Ndombele was given the opportunity to hit with his brother Nicolas Gentoo. With Uruguay, coach Óscar Tabárez kept the band as a 0-1 defeat in Brazil a few days ago.

The match took place very quickly after the whistle. After 3 minutes, France seemed to have the goal after rhythmic coordination before completing Giroud at a narrow angle, but the ball behind the night. More than 10 minutes later, Mbappe has a familiar rhythm to lift his colleagues' gap, but his final shot has passed the Uruguay goal.

Mbappe sticky shoulder lesions quite serious

Mbappe sticky shoulder lesions quite serious

It was Mbappe's most memorable moment in the game, because by 30, the young PSG striker had a very serious injury after a clash with the Ukrainian goalkeeper Campana and was forced to leave. field.

In the second half of the tournament, France remained the team that created many turbulent situations in front of the Uruguay target. One of the successive failures of the World Cup champion in 2018 led to a 51-meter penalty. After the second consecutive penalty of Griezmann, the referee showed the center half, Caceres touched the ball. The controversial whistle caused the interruption of the game for several minutes before striker Giroud reached the goal of opening.

Giroud scored only 11m

Giroud scored only 11m

At the other end of the game, France has kept its counterattack game, giving the ball back to Uruguay. However, the South American team could not create any real danger for the Lloris goal. Meanwhile, Mbappe's loss has provoked France's rapid counterattack that did not cause a high mutation. The match ended with a minimum win for the World Cup.

Team competition

France: Lloris; Mendy, Natuzi, Matuidi (Nzonzi 62), Mbappe (Thauvin 36 & 39), Griezmann (M.Sissoko 90), Giroud (Plea 80)

Uruguay: Campana; Torrela (Rodríguez 74), Cavani, Suarez (Caceres, Mendez, M. Suarez, Bentacur, Vecino, Valverde (De Arrascaeta 60 &

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France 1 – 0 Uruguay

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