Thursday , March 23 2023

From today (16-11), you can transfer the network number with a fee of 60,000


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The packet transfer fee is 60,000 VND / hour

VinaPhone is the ultimate operator offering digital portability. Consequently, all these costs of VinaPhone is similar to Viettel and MobiFone is 60,000 VND / time.

According to the latest VinaPhone announcement, the total charge paid to VinaPhone is 60,000 dong (including VAT), of which the transfer fee is only 15,000 dong. 35,000 new network connection charges and 10,000 VND white SIM purchase order.

Also, according to the network guide, users can go to the VinaPhone transaction office or register number portability through the website.

Prior to this, at the press conference on the new transfer plan number, Viettel and MobiFone representatives introduced a transfer rate of 60,000 VND / time. VinaPhone representatives have also promised that the tax will not exceed the above.

Responding to the press conference on the plan to provide mobile network services remains the same number, Pham Hong Hai, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, said charges for network change remain the same as network and service tariffs . This is considered as additional services, services will increase the level of network traffic will be issued by the business initiative.

The TT-TT has set the 60,000 VND maximum bandwidth for the network, also specified by the network operator.

However, Deputy Minister Pham Hong Hai also said that, in the long run, the network will return to 0, the user does not lose anything when moving the network because the network receives the transfer will be beneficial to be able to spend . the cost of making the customer's network transfer.

Beginning today (16-11), customers in Viettel, VinaPhone, MobiFone can transfer numbers to postpaid subscribers. Which network has good infrastructure, reasonable rates, customer care will cover the race.

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