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How to compensate for the floods produced by Typhoon Usagi?


The company estimates that the damage can be tens of billions, but mostly offset for cars, because almost no motorcycle insurance.

How do you know how to get rid of the water tank? Outbreak of homeownership marketing, selling type of insurance … "terrorist"

In the afternoon of November 25, despite the weakening in the tropical depression when entering the continent, the movement of Hurricane Usagi caused heavy rainfall. The rainy season with the largest flow in the city of Ho Chi Minh, so many low-lying low-land areas submerged in the sea. Not only motorcycles, cars die on the street, but in high-rise buildings, parking tunnel also fall.

Consequently, according to insurers, the loss of storm No. 9 with the insurance market is not small. Preliminary statistics, vehicle damage has to be tens of billions. Luxury vehicles, worth over $ 100,000, accounted for about 20% of the total number of vehicles covered by this campaign, in which case they are not attacked.

Especially in the case of damaged motorcycles, there are already insurance products on the market. "However, this type of insurance is very little bought by people, so the company has almost no insurance for physical damage to motorcycles," said a business leader.

This morning, according to the rapid meteorological and hydrological center report, torrential rain still persists in HCMC District 7. As a result, insurers said the number was rising.

Since yesterday, the employees of most insurance companies have to contact 24/24 to receive the information of the car owner. In addition, they also came to the stage to guide the owner of the original treatment plan.

On the afternoon of November 26, Bao Long Insurance received and helped 34 clients who suffered losses, most of which were related to the status of flooded cars. The team of over 30 company evaluators in HCMC has to work continuously to support customers.

How do you know how to get rid of the water tank?
The pump was brought to the pit to pump water, saving cars and motorcycles is flooded at the 5th District building in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Pisces

The company works closely with the customer inspection garage to see if the vehicle is flooded to clean the car or to be flooded (water spilling into the car's air intake). If they are flooded and need to clean, average repair costs from a few million to several dozen millions are also flood damage will be heavier and depending on the line. Estimated cost to pay over one billion.

A representative of PVI Insurance said he received more than 87 cases of damage from diving. In particular, most cases were flooded and had to be cleaned, while the number of vehicles was very low. The estimated cost of initially paying about 4 billion euros.

According to the PVI representative, last night's peak, the company has received many cases of vehicle damage, staff must be constantly monitored at the scene or through the guide guide phone. But the big obstacle is too many damaged cars, so the number of rescue vehicles does not satisfactorily enough because of the lack of quantity due to the floods does not reach. Therefore, many passenger cars must be off the road all night and arrive this morning at the garage for inspection and repair. "Therefore, the number of lesions will increase as more vehicles are inspected," he said. The company undertakes to pay the premium within 15 days of the completion of the procedure.

Meanwhile, according to PTI Insurance, only between 20h and 24h, the company received nearly 100 calls to notify customers of flooded vehicles in the Ho Chi Minh City area. On average, each evaluator has to support 3 to 5 clients.

Mr Tuan, an ITT evaluator in HCM City, said the roads were flooded over the knee, making the movement very difficult. Many of the inspectors die because they fall into deep waters and have to send them home to participate in a supportive scene.

Due to the number of damaged vehicles support the request for support, so Tuan said, rescue vehicles, even running at full capacity is not timely service. Many of our vehicles have to be located in high-rise residential buildings or high-car parks waiting to be pulled into the garage for damage. In some cases, customers in deep-flooded areas have failed to catch up. PTI inspectors also actively appealed to clients to guide basic steps, cleaning the vehicle to avoid losses. heavier.

Mister. Vu Xuan Thuong – deputy director of the Motor Vehicle Vehicle ITU, said that due to the large number of customers calling the dashboard after 12 o'clock, inspectors must compete with the country to support customers.

Information from Liberty insurer also said that the unit received 66 cases of car owners needing assistance, of which 54 vehicles are due to floods, the rest is another reason.

PTI representatives said that most customers know that floods have serious consequences on the car, reducing the commercial value of the car. Therefore, the company regularly recommends customers to avoid entering the submerged area and if you enter the flooded area you must immediately switch off the switch and absolutely not restart. Do not open the vehicle door to prevent damage to the inner and control boxes; push the machine to the height and call the rescue vehicle.

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