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"I'm sorry for everyone, this life I'm walking on unfinished"


Nam You acknowledge that life is wrong and that you apologize to the audience, you are sorry to act on television.

VIDEO VIDEO: After singing, Nam apologizes to everyone and unveils "unfinished" life (From 13:15)

Hoa Nam We continue the exam in the show Excellent double duo gold. In the new episode 5, Nam Em – Manh Dong turns into a couple who love each other but has to fall apart in song Missing – Horizons.

It is worth mentioning that, in his repertoire, he does not behave, Nam reveals his true self. She sat on stage with Manh Dong and shared her true feelings as she held her hands with Manh Dong and talked to her about the flight.

I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, - 1

Nam Em and Manh Dong on TV last night.

She said: "When she was young, she lived in poverty, she was not close to her parents, she grew up and did not feel loved by a man, then she met a handsome man and was told not to love, and tried all sorts of rejections, but more rejection of love has deepened.

She dedicated everything to that man. After he left, he spoke of his expectation. And waiting, he waits from day to day without seeing a message.

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After the show, musician Minh Vy commented that Nam Em and Manh Dong were different, "each has a lot of self" and did not practice together.

Director Hoang Nhat Nam shared the musician Minh Vy differently. He said"Men have narratives and I'm sure in that narrative about men in real life" and director Hoang Nhat Nam also urged Nam Em to be genuine and only received her sad smile.

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When director Hoang Nhat Nam asked if it was the real life of Nam Em, Quang Linh raised his "protest" hand and said not to mention private life. Musician Minh You witty that the judge said: "The effect of opposition.

Nam co-star, Manh Dong, presented the reason for the misunderstanding of the script, saying:

"The first scenario is not so much, it's not tied to me and the boys are talking." I also listen, because Nam You said today that he would agree to share with you the most sincere words. I also agreed to follow Nam Em. I was also a bit surprised and tried to follow the story of Nam Em.

And the character of Nam Em broke the line of character in me because in my mind you will be drinking and Nam Tu is the one that appears in my beast. Today, we share the heart, so people think it is the real scene, not the people in the dream.

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I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, - 5

Men's talks with Manh Dong were not discussed at all.

Explained to the judges, Nam Em leaned forward: "I'm sorry to everyone". At the same time, she addressed her colleague, Manh Dong, and said shyly: "I have many mistakes with Dong. In fact, Dong always claims to always help you all." I will practice, but because my life is like a song, it will be unhealthy. "

MC Liao Ha Trinh also replaced the judges, reconciling Nam He and hoping that he was more focused because people wanted to see her on stage.

I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, - 6

Episode 5 did not select impressive performance. Two high-ranking artists Bao Tri-Vu Thanh withdrew to give up the ticket for 4 pairs.

According to the two band members, due to lack of training time, there was no effect on the show, so the pair decided to stop the game and return to the round. Thus, 4 couples Nam Em – Manh Dong, Hoang Nguyen – Yen Nhien, Tuan Dung – Ly Thu Thao, Nhu Huynh – Indochina hold hands together. Gold couple broadcast weekly at 21h on THVL1.

Nam Gamehow made it confused with the Changjiang Giang market network

Truong Giang continues to participate in this game while no longer touching Nam Em.

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