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Nha Phuoc's pregnancy test was confirmed by a friend


After marriage, the questions Nha Phuong pregnant are always subject to public attention, though repeatedly to reveal the second great extraordinary, but neither Truong Giang nor her husband once affirm or reject this question.

Although she did not admit that Nha Phuoc was pregnant, Truong Giang's lines on her personal page also made many people feel that this comedian was preparing implicitly for paternity in the near future. .

Nha Phuong's unusual second round said she was pregnant with the first couple of the couple

Specifically, Changjiang wrote:From his wife's wedding day, his friends were scared to death. "You still (happy), then your wife will be born, then you will see the scene!"

I just hope my life does not go to the dead end like the other milk, such as: – The early morning moms said milk tea. Do not get up to buy your wife is mad – Go to work, the phone is out of battery, calls to wife are not upset too – Show the general picture that her husband is brighter than his wife also angry … And hundreds of thousands of other life stories not the husband I heard.

8 hours to work 7 hours, 1 hour for meals, how to listen to the car. 12h new baby sleep early in the morning to get up to buy milk tea that is not angry. But then go quietly buy 2 cups of compensated milk tea. Then he said, "I am everywhere."

Truong Giang's line of attention has indirectly confirmed that pregnant Nha Phuong is real

Because husband's suffering is not intelligent, he does not know how to show love to his wife, just taking care of herself, so that all day is unassuming. Whoever has the experience just to take me, to fear less.

However, Nguyen Tran Trung Quan's close friend Nha Phuong recently explained why Nha Phuong does not appear in his new product: "This time Nha Phuong wearing I'm sorry that Phuong can not come here today. "Tran Trung Quan revealed.

Nha Phuong – Chinese Army

This share of the Chinese army has quickly become a public concern. Previously known, Nha Phuong was featured in the video "In his memory" launched a long time ago the male singer.

In the words Trung Quan, Nha Phuong and Truong Giang did not receive any feedback in this regard.

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