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"Old cave" in dense Venetian movies hot movies reveal the secrets behind the scenes


Thursday, January 17, 2019 19:39 (GMT + 7)

"Phan Hai's Loved One" has been greatly transformed into his new "cave" role.

After the movie Quynh doll, Vietnamese small screens continue to create "fever" for film audiences Girls in town.

The film revolves around the fate of four rural girls coming to town to earn their living, some people are pushed in the way of "the girls' industry, there are people who are harassed and harassed at work. 4 girls Cuc, Truc, Lan, May, each with a fate.

Elsewhere, Lam Lam (Cong Ly) and Ly (Thuy An) appeared in Episode 8 who moved to the inn where the four girls were and had a tangle at first touch. girl.

The Old Cave & # 34; In dense Vietnamese films, hot scenes reveal a secret behind the scenes - 1

"Cave" cave deals with 4 girls in the neighborhood that moves first, signaling tricks and tricks

Ly is a "cave of all ages", like coffee, causing problems to everyone. This is a common character that causes difficulties for the four main faces of the film. Taking Ly's role is Thuy An, who is best remembered for her role as Huong Pho – Phan Hai's boyfriend in lawsuit.

Thuy An shared a story behind the scene that nobody knows when he took the movie bastard Girls in town.

– After playing Huong Pho in "The Judge," many people were surprised when she chose to re-emerge with an old cave in the role of girls in the city. Why did you decide to accept this role?

– The reason for accepting Ly's role in the film The girls in this city are also very simple. Because, while keeping the script at hand, Thuy An was attracted to Ly from the lines and personality of this character.

In addition, this character is a "cave all day", it is completely different from the other personality roles that Thuy An did once. Because of the sense of interest and the new in this role, Thuy An did not hesitate, but decided to try this role too.

The Old Cave & # 34; in dense Vietnamese films, hot scenes reveal a secret behind the scene - 2

From a judge's street, Thuy An moved to the old "cave" of the Girls of the City

– What is the most difficult thing to do for the Ly character?

– With Thuy An, the most difficult thing to do is to show the audience from acting to the dialogue lines and the lifestyle of a cave room.

These things make Thuy An suffer the most. Because if you do not understand these things in character, it is impossible to support the psychology of the character and it is impossible to express the true state of the role.

– What do you think about the role of "brother" that appears more and more in Vietnamese dramas?

– With Thuy An personally, it is also very normal. These issues are also the growing issues of society. We make movies here and we are part of awakening for girls who are ignorant, easy to cheat and then fall into these unexpected ways and stay away.

The other part is to give us a slightly more astonishing view of the girls who fell in the wrong way. Because not every girl doing this kind of work is as bad as we think.

For example, Ly's role as Thuy An is also the same because of her life, her parents died earlier, and her brother went to jail when she was young, immature, she needed love at the moment. Her family was loved, cared for and protected, had to return to society too early to win every penny to support herself during the day, adding that she still had to earn money to support her brother in prison more for ten years. more years.

Perhaps it is also the thing that we have to look at a bit so as not to push those bad people to go further so they will not have the opportunity to rebuild their lives, which means that this society will grow even more those bad ones, until we can control it, is really a bad thing.

The Old Cave & # 34; in dense Vietnamese films, hot scenes reveal the secret behind the scene - 3

The two Lam – Ly characters, played by Cong Ly and Thuy An, are excellent audiences, leaving a highlight in the film

– When did you work with justice in the "Girls in the City" movie, what did you learn from your brother in acting?

– It's not the first time I work with Cong Ly. Because, in addition to making the film, I and Cong Ly and I also worked under a second house, "The Drama Theater in Hanoi," not only that, but I was also engaged in the second, the second group under his leadership.

Maybe I find someone lucky to work with him, besides being excited about his job, Mr. Cong Ly is a very enthusiastic person, although his temper is temperamental, but he is a very simple and extremely loving person and caring for people around me.

Every time you act with me both on the stage and on the film, you always analyze and me meticulously learn the details of acting, even from walking, laughing, speaking and expressing very little, but not right. I also called on her to carefully analyze it and I said that I must do this to be the psychology of this paragraph.

Working with him, I feel more mature in my way of life, and in my way of working. Not only me, but all the young actors in this movie were helped by Mr. Cong Ly to bring new and colorful shows to the audience.

The Old Cave & # 34; in dense Vietnamese films, hot scenes reveal a secret behind the scene - 4

Create an ugly picture of Thuy An in an antagonistic role

– When doing business and going to a show, how do you organize your work?

– By telling me how to balance my business and career in acting, I remember that the first steps were too new in my business. It was the business that gave me different experiences and I was similar to my acting career.

The difference is that when you do business, you have to use a very sober mind to figure out how to make the store operate and maintain it efficiently and better, do not keep too much mind flies how much excitement you can.

And the same thing as the actor is that the business is, in some ways, an art, the art here that it needs a head of creation, the eye has to observe and surprise everyone Only from each client so that we can serve in the best way as an acting career, we need to understand and analyze the psychology of the characters so that we can do our part well.

– Talking about a past in 2018, what do you see in your career?

– Looking back on the past in 2018, I did not do much, but there is a very happy and happy thing that Thuy An found more passion for me, but when I did not do anything. Now you think it's my second passion. Passion that is business, attracted and conquered Thuy An as the roles I have shown with all my enthusiasm.

Thuy An wants the audience whenever she remembers not only good roles, but also a smiling and smiling actress, but also wants to affirm and prove to everyone that there is a person there are other brave and abilities, not just "an actress the famous An Thuy. "

Vietnamese movies have made the audience react

Send only 5 episodes, this drama has caused agitation due to many hot scenes.

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