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Phu Quoc Online – celebrates the 101st anniversary of the October Great Revolution


In the capital of Moscow (Russian Federation), on November 7, parades will take place and the 101st anniversary of the October Revolution will be celebrated.

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the Russian Communist Party in the State Duma, the Regional Committees and the Moscow City of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the Movement of the Military Fighters, the Soviet Officers' Association, the All-Russia Women Movement, the Lenin Communist Youth League and others movements and left-wing socialist organizations will hold a solemn parade and commemorate the 101st anniversary of the Communist Revolution. Great October.

A series of calls and slogans have been made by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, such as "The Great Victory in October!", "The Proletariat around the World, Unite!" It's the Future of Humankind! "," Under the red flag of October – go on socialism! "," Government for People, Workers' Property "," Lenin's Career Will Live Forever "…

The October Revolution completely changed Russia's fate, created a new type of society, completely liberated the class, liberated people, created equality for men and women, and created a new society. New international relations, support for peacekeeping in the world, respect for national self-determination and equality between peoples.

The October Revolution was not only of great importance for Russia, but also of great importance for the revolutionary movement in the world. Victory of the Revolution of October was the premise for the victory of the Soviet Union in the war against fascism and the establishment of the socialist camp, which represented the backbone and support for the liberation movement. to eliminate old and new colonialism, to halt the expansion and invasion of imperialism, which contributes to maintaining peace and stability in the world.

Also, on the morning of 7/11, at 10 am in Moscow, red parades will be held in Red Square, reflecting the legendary Renaissance of 1941 – the 24th anniversary of the October Revolution (at that time). ), celebrating the 77th anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) of the former Soviet Union, now the Russian Federation.

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