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Quynh doll – actor Thanh Huong: "Calculating very carefully how to play Lan fish"


With the success of Quynh puppet, Thanh Huong – the actor like the Lan cave in the movie – is a very hot name. With a realistic way of expressing the inner transformation of excellence, portraying the tragic fate of the character, she enrolled the character in the role and occupied the public's love.

Bubble Bee:
Thanh Huong plays Lan "cave" in the "Quynh doll".

PV: The movie "Quynh Dolls" is a very attractive audience. According to Huong, what makes the movie so successful?

Thanh Huong: When the film began to shoot, Huong did not think the movie had the same success. Because the movie explores the subject of prostitutes – a very difficult subject. These roles are easily ugly if the actors do not work well or things that do not match together will be counterproductive. In fact, the very intelligent audience will understand the sympathy and character of love. The filmmakers, the team has put all its intellectual power into "Quynh dolls". And everybody thinks the movie has to be really successful. Therefore, thought Huong, the sum of the film would be good.

PV: Lan Cave is a very important part. How did Huong prepare for this role?

Thanh Huong: Huong always has the premonition of his role. As Lan cave, from reading the scenario, Huong saw that this is a very good part. Huong was lucky that this role should focus on this role. Huong is not afraid to face, black paint on the skin, short hair pants, worse and also see how beautiful in its character. Huong has invested all the costumes of her character. Clothes were bought, Huong grew up or raked to serve the scene. Rape rape was collectively violated, clothing was broken, Huong had to sew back to the stage-related segment before.

On the way, you see motorcycles carrying several girls, so Huong will pay attention and respect for clothes, shoes, hair, ears … gestures. In addition, Huong also watched a lot of movies about prostitutes such as "Beautiful Woman" by Julia Robert. Julia Robert did not sing the girl but the love. So this crab's shoulder needs something. Huong learned a lot from the role. Of course, when it was put in the context of a Vietnamese girl, Huong studied very carefully to act accordingly.

Bubble Bee:

PV: Lansei cave is constantly changing: when the appearance is cold, ruthless, but conceals the warmth, warmth of human love, desire for love, pain to be abandoned by relatives and become Thugs, aggressive when dealing with lack of husband … Explaining so many mixed emotions, would not it be easy?

Thanh Huong: It's very difficult! Each role will have one or more segments of the role. As a lan cave, the next segment is the nail segment. Huong has to calculate very well how to act and how to shape the character. The first episode, the Lan flavored cave with another image. In the following, the speed of the show is accelerating, completely changing the way Lan and the Lan image and the audience will see this.

However, Huong thinks he has not done all the segments that just rolled her shoulders. In the same way, but with the professional eye or from the perspective of the public, there will be different evaluation modes. It's not always good or too dramatic. There are segments of the body that "eat". Sometimes it depends on luck.

PV: In episode 18, the Lan cave character is collectively violated. Episode 19, Lan is in a traffic accident, he must stay still at home. These scenes, Huong acted on God, the eyes that make the audience obsessed. She described desertion, pain, despair, extreme, naked. Is it in the calculation of action or luck?

Thanh Huong: It's a performance calculated by Huong. Pain in the pain of the character, a little resentment, a bit resigned and self-pity for his character. I have to analyze to play. That day, Huong had to make the scene crying for hours so his eyes were very tired. Therefore, Huong discussed with director Mai Hong Phong is just the eye, but rape scenes are not necessarily exposed, weeping. And the director and post-montage have selected Huong's best eyes at the time to put on the film.


After filming the 18th episode, Mai Hong Hong called Huong, saying, "To watch that segment, he was very moved. I do not know how to describe your eyes, but thank you for the message of the movie I want the audience to love my role, not the alienation. "In fact, there are girls who do this because of the influx of life like Lan. Of course, this is not to support this job.

Episode 19, just one segment of the Lan cave removed the funeral, told each family before leaving home, Huong had to act almost a dozen times to have a good scene. Unfortunately, both segments have been cut off from some scenes, but Huong said the director's cut was reasonable. If you keep all the scenes made, when the movie, the Lan cave will be more tragic. Moreover, only visual contact is enough to describe Lan's psychology.

Bubble Bee:

PV: What is the similarity between Huong and Lan caves?

Thanh Huong: Huong was very eager to ask someone to ask Huong for this proposition. In the movies, Huong, though bad, horrible, but behind them are hidden honesty. Huong alive, also live sincerely, you have heart and always look good things, people's good. This is also a similarity between Huong and Lan. Sometimes Flavors that do not work because in Lan have Huong. Perhaps the audience feels Huong's role so real!

PV: After this film, Huong wants to express himself as a role?

Thanh Huong: Huong's role is psychological. But perhaps the director sees Huong's personality, so Huong often chooses for personality roles. However, through Lan's role, Huong said she not only plays a villainous role but also that she can play a very good role in getting tears from the audience. Huong likes and expects more opportunities to assume the role of psychological drama with internal dissemination, such as Lan.

PV: What did Huong and his two children say, especially since Lan's scenes were beaten, beaten?

Thanh Huong: He said, "If you can, then you do not have such roles. Look guilty, very sour!" Against 8 years of this year, I understand it's just a movie. But her young daughter is 5 years old, Huong not out of sin. Following the previous episodes, she put her hands on her cheeks, sighing constantly. For episode 18, see mother pulled the shirt, grab the hair was not able to bear again crying. Instead of avoiding it, Huong told me: When you grow up, you will understand that this life is so colorful, that there are very good people, but also very bad people. Through the role of the mother she will help children have more experience in life.

PV: Thanks to Thanh Huong for this conversation!

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