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Snow Dress or sexy because her husband is never jealous


The singer said her husband and wife always trust each other so her husband feels comfortable to wear sexy, affectionate with the stage partner.

Minh Tuyet and Diep Keith's wife have nearly 20 years together, including love time and become husband and wife. He was the first man he gave when he was barefoot in the United States. The couple has been married for a long time and will hold her wedding in 2013.

The singer shared her wisdom and sympathy with her work, so she never envied. That's why she can dress the sexy dress comfortably. She was called the "sexy queen of the overseas scene" because of her constant seduction style. Not only to dress, but also Minh Tuyet to love the co-star on stage. He also does not mind every time there is a male fan expressed love affection by acting as a wife shoulder, embracing the waist pulling … Minh Tuyet her husband's share always give each other feelings of trust, so do not worry of the surroundings.

Minh Tuyet at an event in Hanoi in March 2018.

Minh Tuyet at an event in Hanoi in March 2018.

Minh Tuyet was worried that marriage advertising would be "hot", as well as the public's attention to her has fallen because her fans are mostly men. However, since being married, it has been presented regularly. His musical activities are almost unchanged. The singer feels very lucky about this.

After nearly two decades of marriage, Minh Tuyet and his wife are still married. The singer initially suspends birth to focus on her career, but now she is thinking about the plan. The husband and wife are careful, the children are the sun, only the two always love and share sad sadness in life together and when the child depends on the coast.

Minh Tuyet and Diep Keith's wife at the wedding in 2013.

Minh Tuyet and Diep Keith's wife at the wedding in 2013.

In recent years, Minh Tuyet has been active in Vietnam for live shows as well as television programs. This time she was busy arranging her life in the US to prepare for her Vietnam concert lover. The singer is eager to participate in the concert because it is the first time she and Quang Le played the lover on the stage of the capital. Besides Quang Le and Minh Tuyet, the concert included Hong Nhung, Uyen Linh and Tung Duong. The show took place on December 23 at the Cultural Palace of Hanoi.

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