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"Snow Queen" U40 still young as a girl climbing the stairs

Tuesday, 27 November 2012 22:13 (GMT + 7)

Compared to the moment of debut, Sung Yu Ri's beauty is just salty, sublime, but not completely undermined.

Sung Yuri has joined the entertainment industry for many years, but still very young, beautiful

Sung Yuri is an actress familiar with Vietnamese audiences through many successful films such as Snow Queen. Hong Gil Dong. Love story in timeHowever, before acting as actor and becoming a list star in the film industry, Sung Yuri is a singer, member of the popular group Fin.KL (alongside Lee Hyori).

Since its debut with Fin.K.L, Sung Yuri has been a featured member, member of the sweetest and most popular member of the group. Later, when Fin.K.L and Sung Yuri approached the audience as an actress, the pure beauty and innocence of the idol were preserved.

At the age of 37, Sung Yuri is more admired by the public as he keeps his identity as a newcomer in the entertainment industry. Although she became a "wife of man" in the middle of 2017, it seems that married life makes the "queen of snow" appear sublime in appearance.

Former member of the Fin.K.L group is young as a 37-year-old girl

Sung Yu Ri shares his secret while preserving the beauty of "old age" that is used at the same time for a variety of essences. In Korea, essence is considered the "beauty" of many sisters. They are a concentrated concentrated form but easily absorbed through the skin, helping to nourish the skin inside. The cost of essence is usually quite expensive because it claims to have many uses. With Sung Yuri, the simultaneous use of different essences seems to have really worked.

Many years in the entertainment industry, but Sung Yuri is also renowned for maintaining a balanced body, even more and loftier, more seductive. Gyrotonic is a systematic exercise that helps connect joints, improves body energy flow, cleanses arteries, improves resistance and improves health. Gyrotonic is also a popular exercise for Hollywood stars, which is considered the longest spring therapy.

Sung Yuri often practices Gyrotonic – a popular method with many celebrities such as Madonna

In addition to Gyrotonic, Sung Yuri also showed that he often climbs stairs instead of lifts to get the perfect body. It's not always nice to have good time at the gym, so climbing stairs is a quick way to get fat, which makes Sung Yuri have the toughest feet and farms.

Watch the admirable image of Sung Yu Ri U40 to see the incredible youth of the "Snow Queen":

Sung Yuri uses a variety of essences at the same time to get younger skin

Climbing the stairs in place of the elevator is also a trick to help the beautiful thin without too much preparation

Compared to the moment of debut, the beauty of Sung Yuri is just salty, sublimed, but not completely undermined

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