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The bases of Myanmar Thuwunna are "good ground" for Vietnam


Monday, 19 November 2012 05:28 (GMT + 7)

The Myanmar match against Vietnam at the AFF Cup 2018 is a match with the amazing AFF 2016 Cup.

The bases of Myanmar Thuwunna are "good ground" for Vietnam

According to statistics from five match-stadium matches, Vietnam won four times, while Myanmar won only a draw. Van Quyet is also a highly favored marker in Myanmar. Specifically, the Hanoi striker scored two goals (a goal in 2013 and a goal at the AFF Cup 2016).

The Myanmar match has a special match. The match between Vietnam and Myanmar at the AFF Cup 2018 takes place at 18:30 on 20/11. But strange thing in this tour two years ago, recruited Vietnam also clash with Myanmar opponents in the day, above. Even the venue, the Thuwunna stadium, Yangon (Myanmar) in AFF Cup 2016 is also Myanmar host will host professor Park Hang Seo.

AFF Cup News 19/11: The Thuwunna Stadium in Myanmar is

Professor Hang Seo Park is preparing for a visit to Myanmar

Coach Calisto wants to improve Vietnamese companies. Former Vietnamese coach Henrique Calisto said his professor, Park Hang Seo, had to play better. "By the match with Malaysia, I see the defense of the Vietnam team has played quite well, but not so surely about the coordinated coordinated attack. I feel that the coordination phase of the Vietnam attack is not yet clean and we hope this will improve in coming days. "

Vietnam is difficult to access information about Myanmar

It is known that when the Vietnam correspondent contacted media representatives from the Myanmar Football Association (IMF), the response was very long and the response was close to the Thuwunna stadium. Does not provide a specific address. However, until the afternoon of November 18, while the Vietnamese team practiced in the yard near the Thuwunna Stadium, the Myanmar team also began training at the Aungsan training ground, 5 km away.

In addition, Myanmar is the character of the character, so access to information about the Myanmar team is extremely difficult.

Germany Best Competition 3: After impressing Laos, Anh Germany shines again to help Tel Malaysia win by 2-0. He contributed to the Congo dashboard and scored goals. The striker Nguyen Anh Duc was selected by the organizers as the best player in the match and one of the four candidates for the third round best player. The competitors in England were Aung Thu (Myanmar), Phil Younghusband (Philippines) and Sanrawat Dechtmir (Thailand).

SAO Malaysia Talaha calls Vietnam in the final round: "We played very well, every player is 100% capable". The failure is due only to the opponent's game, which allowed him to create two chances and tried to make the most of it. We can confront Vietnam again because I'm not happy with the match.

The team wants to win 3 points when the next opponent is Myanmar. If we can get to the end and see Vietnam again, the team will definitely play better. "

Thai coach Rajevac is not happy to win Indonesia: "It's something I do not feel comfortable with, especially the corner kick in the corner, we certainly have to improve this." Thailand was too slow at the start of the match. At the start of the game, we did not enter the game as expected, so we had to solve some problems in the rest of the minutes. "

Myanmar, unfortunately, because of the lack of troops. The media from Myanmar said that if the host team is full of force, the chances of winning will be higher. The absence here is Kyaw Ko Ko – the player playing the role of a Myanmar football star. The 25-year-old striker could not participate in the tournament because of the injury, causing the Myanmar leader to rely too much on Aung Thu.

AFF Cup News 19/11: The Thuwunna Stadium in Myanmar is

Aung Thu and Kyaw Ko Ko are the stars of Myanmar

Indonesian travelers worried about the team were eliminated. Indonesia lost two of three matches in Group B AFF Cup 2018. The latest loss was 2-4 in Thailand. Team coach Bima Sakti admitted that the door closes with Indonesia. However, Bima Sakti insists the whole team will fight until the last minute.

Singapore has lost its pillar. Shahril Ishak, who plays a vital role in the Singapore team, is almost certain to split into the AFC Cup in 2018. Shahril Ishak was injured in the recent defeat in the Philippines. Coach Fandi Ahmad said the rest of Singapore would be much more difficult without Shahril Ishak, who played both as midfielder and striker, and has 138 caps for Singapore.

Thuwunna is of poor quality. According to Fox Sport, Thuwunna Stadium – if the match between Myanmar and Vietnam Tel on 20/10, the quality is very bad. Thuwunna area in Yangon has a capacity of 32,000 seats. Earlier, Myanmar beat home 4-1 in Cambodia, but was Mandalar Thiri in Mandalay.

AFF Cup champion has

Vietnam has the opportunity to raise the AFF Cup 2018 at home.

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