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The Case of Container Stab Innova Backward Speeding: What Attorney Did You Say?


The Innova driver of the container car accident on the highway was sentenced to 6 years in prison by the Nguyen Provincial People's Court in Thailand. This is controversial.

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On November 2, the Thai Nguyen Provincial People's Court sentenced Ngo Van Son (SN 1978, Bac Ninh) and Le Ngoc Hoang (SN 1985, Thai Binh) for a speeding that caused four people to die.

In the first instance, on 19/11/11, the Accused Innova driver car wore 10 people on the highway Hanoi – Thai Nguyen. You want to hire people in the Song Cong, but it's too much like turning the Boy back to the car.

The Case of Container Stab Innova Backward Speeding: What Attorney Did You Say?
Container leader Le Ngoc Hoang claims to be unfair. Picture: Tien Phong

At the same time, accused Hoang directs the container truck to steel steel, crashing Son car, which killed 4 people, two vehicles severely injured. Specific alcohol concentration, the accused Son alcoholic alcohol before driving, defendant Huang.

At the Court of Appeal If Xuan Duc, a security officer at the Ministry of Public Security, removed the cruise liner from the container car. Accordingly, in the 15h38p59 the speed recorded in the container cruise memory is 62 km / h. Second, the cruise speed is 0.

The Court of Appeal said that Hoang did not pay attention to the observation, do not reduce safety speed, so when two cars separated by 30 million new Innova cars are leaning and braking. This is in violation of the 91st Circular on Safety between two vehicles; An imperfect mistake, too confident. The court Ngô Văn Sơn sentenced him to 9 years' imprisonment; Le Ngoc Thanhot was sentenced to 6 years in jail.


A lawyer attending VietNamNet, lawyer Vu Ngoc Chi, said that: The recidivist agency must understand that the safe distance should be applied to two vehicles with the same translation. Creating a safe distance for a pre-paid car is not the right spirit of the law.

In addition, the black box control reduced the speed from 62km to 0 in the lead effort, clearly shows the will of the driver conscious.

Who, according to a lawyer, the container truck driver complied with statutory requirements. Therefore, the driver of the container car is not a fault, not enough elements to constitute a criminal offense.

The lawyer defending the defendant Le Ngoc Hoang, Giang Hong Thanh, said: Hoang is Innova of 60-70m. In addition, Innova's speed is 80-90 km / h, while Hoang is only 65 km / h. Two cars, the same car as Innova, can only go far beyond Hoang's car.

In particular, the law states: "Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of the vehicle." Therefore, if Innova runs directly to Hoang's car, the 60m distance is safe according to the rules.

In fact, the Innova car pulls back to the freeway. That's why it's impossible for Hoang's car to keep a safe distance from the car. If you want to do this, Hoang's car must return.

Thanh attorney, as the safety distance between the two cars was canceled because the Innova backward, the car on the driver's seat (left) collided with the cars on Innova's car. , pushed Son's car to the right, causing Son's car to collapse on the freeway and the two cars stopped.

In this situation, not only Hoang, but anyone can not think that the rear car is suddenly lane … This situation is "unexpected event 1999 criminal law".

Thanh's lawyer quotes: "Article 11. Surprising event: A person commits an act that has harmful consequences for society due to unexpected events, that is to say, in cases where it is impossible to predict or not to force consequences, criminal liability does not fall."

Reduce the "Innova" container drive, which moves in the opposite direction on the highway "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Decreased sentence for container drives stab Innova running in the opposite direction on the highway

The driver claims he has no fault in the brakes and tries to avoid speed.

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Deadly American girl riding a motorcycle, driving a container fugitive "width =" 145 "height =" 101

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If Nam police are looking for a car accident that left an American girl to death, then escaped.

He took the container truck dead man, escaped the scene "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Pushing ship rolled dead man, escaped from the scene

People say that after a motorcycle collided with a victim, the "hungry" container lifted the station from the scene.

Crabs, tight school bus girls die tragically "width =" 145 "height =" 101

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11-year-old student at Hai Hai College (Hai Phong) has been killed in a car accident on the way to school this evening.


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