Monday , August 15 2022

The market is divided, the VN Index is standing


In the afternoon, the market was a bit more difficult, but both buyers and sellers were cautious. Consequently, the VN index continued to turn on the side with open green, the liquidity increased rapidly.

closed, With 146 winners and 142 losers, the VN index rose by 1.86 points (+ 0.2%) to 924.42 points. The total volume of transactions reached 155.6 million units, amounting to 4 042.82 billion VND, slightly increasing by 2% both in volume and in value.

VN-trading session of the index 22/11
VN-trading session of the index 22/11

The trade agreement accounted for 41.2 million shares worth 1.597 billion VND. In particular, there were 13.6 million shares of HDB, worth almost 429 billion dong; 4.63 million shares of the MCP, worth almost 109 billion euros; 8.02 million shares of SBT, amounting to 177.3 billion VND; 0.93 million VJC shares worth almost 126 billion …

One of the most important stocks was the banking group when VPB, STB, HDB and TPB earned points, while CTGs, VCBs, BIDs, MBBs and BEIs declined while TCB was still at the benchmark price. .

VPB was the most active, with 3% to VND 22,450, reaching over 5 million shares, led HOSE. STB increased 1.2% to VND12,400, reaching 4.999 million units. In contrast, VCB declined by 1.1% to VND54,800, CTG decreased by 1.5% to VND22,950 (the equivalent of 3.3 million shares).

VIC rose sharply in the ATC command phase when it climbed to the highest level of 98,000 dong (+ 0.7%), along with the VHM stability as it rose from 1.6% to 77,000 dong to support the Index verdant. However, VRE decreased by 0.9% to VND31,300. VIC was the biggest winner, reaching 1.3 million units.

Positive contributions to global revival are also VNM (+ 0.8%), MSN (+ 1%), PNJ (+1), MWG (+ 1.1%), BHV (+) …

With market shares, segmentation is also clear. While QCG, FLC, ITA, ASM, DXG, SCR, DLG … have earned points, HAG, HNG, KBC, OGC, ROS, HQC … have dropped.

Liquidity in this group is neither strong. In particular, bottom-up demand after three consecutive sessions fell sharply and dropped to the first floor this morning, helping QCG reversed successfully, closing 2.3% to 6,200 dong with 4.7 million traded shares. joints.

On HNX, the ascending rhythm was more positive than HOSE, but at the end of the session it fell significantly, as some bluechips and blue chips were weaker.

closed, with 69 winners and 73 losers, the HNX index gained 0.65 points (+ 0.653%) to 104.55 points. The total volume of transactions reached 38.99 million shares valued at 536 billion dong, with an increase of 30% in volume and 27% compared to 21/11.

Of which, the transactions made accounted for only 4.37 million units worth 36.8 billion VND. In particular, 3 million SDD shares were traded at a price of 10.8 billion dong.

Green color on HNX had the largest contribution to the CBA, with a 1.8% increase at VND29,400 and a matching order of 4.4 million shares led the market. Together with this was a very good increase of PVI, VCS, CEO, SHS, VC3, PLC, PGS … in which the CEO registered 2.04 million units, up 4.7% to 13.500.

Meanwhile, many big caps and bluechips have returned to SHB, VCG, VGC or dropped points such as VS, PVC, HUT …, of which SHB had 3.97 million shares, PVS 2 shares, 85 million units (-2% to VND19,400), HUT amounted to 1.16 million units (-2.3% versus VND4,300).

Today is the auction day for a total of 348.9 million VCG shares of Capital Corporation Corporation – SCIC (254.9 million shares) and Military Telecom Industry Corporation – Viettel (more than 94 million shares), with a starting price of 21,300 shares / share, equivalent to a total of 7,400 billion VND.

This auction attracted not only great value, but also the mystery of four investors who participated in the auction, including Star Invest Investment Co., Thang Long Investment Infrastructure Investment TJC, An Quy Hung Co., Ltd and 1 individual Mr Nguyen Van Dong.

However, on the market, VCG shares are only around the benchmark price of 18,500 dong and were closed at this price, and liquidity was not strong, reaching 1.67 million units.

Being in the high liquidity group (1-2 million units), there were also HJS, NVB, KLF, ART, but only ART increased, the rest remained unchanged.

The SRA continued to reach the ceiling when it climbed up to the 55,400 dong ceiling, the fourth straight from the beginning of the week. The purple color is PVX, DTD, TST, UNI …

On the contrary, HKB, DCS, SLS, NHP, LM7 … have dropped to the floor price.

On UPCoM, the blue color was a challenge, but still as many stocks were left, the liquidity grew.

closed, with 89 winners and 65 losers, UPCoM-Index gained points of 0.1 points (+ 0.19%) to 52.16 points. The total volume of transactions reached nearly 14.5 million units, worth 243 billion VND, 90% in volume and 62% compared to 21/11. Of which, put-through transactions were modest of only 4.2 billion VND.

BSR led the liquidity by 3.02 million units, but declined by 2% to 14,600 VND. At the same time, 3 issues of liquidity increased, VGT + 5.6% at 13,200 VND and VND 2.69 million, respectively. LPB + 4.4% to VND9.500 and the equivalent of 2.65 million shares; POW + 4.3% at VND14,600 and amounted to 1.7 million units.

Other big winners were VEA, MPC, QNS, HVN, GEG.

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