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The Philippines lost Patino's striker at the AFF Cup 2018


The Philippines will not have the services of an important striker against Patino at the AFF Cup 2018.

The Philippines defeated the AFF Cup in 2018

On the night of 13/11, the Philippines will have a match at AFF Cup 2018 with home matches against Singapore.

Prior to this match, Goran Eriksson's side suffered a loss when they lost Patino to the AFF Cup in 2018.

The Philippines lost Patino's striker at the AFF Cup 2018
The Philippines lost Patino's striker at the AFF Cup 2018

The reason given before the match, Patino has a serious calf injury and not timely recovery to participate.

Patino is considered one of the top attackers of the Philippine football. The Spaniards played at Cordoba, Xerez in Spain, Henan Jianye, China and now Buriram United.

In the Thai League, Patino played 68 matches and scored 41 goals. Patino's record is superior to Thailand's striker Teerasil Dangda, who scored 33 goals. In season 2018, Patino made 16 appearances in all Buriram competitions and scored seven goals.

Due to this impressive form, Patino was trained by Eriksson to complete the AFF Cup 2018 with the Philippines. Unfortunately, he missed the tournament because of injuries. In the past, the 30-year-old striker has never played an AFF Cup with The Azkals.


After he could not participate in AFF Cup 2018, Patino striker confirmed this on his personal page. "I want to inform everyone that I can not participate in the AFF Cup in 2018 with my teammates for the calf issue. We discussed in detail and we decided not to risk because the Asian Cup of 2019 was still ahead."

The 30-year striker who also deals with regional silver this year also praises the Filipino team: "We hope we will be with our colleagues at the AFF Cup in 2018. Go home and hopefully come back quickly to return to the best. "

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