Thursday , August 18 2022

The suspect is in a deep coma


On September 15, the Criminal Police Department of Hai Duong Province had initial information about the tragic case of Chi Linh. The investigation process initially triggered the case from emotional contradictions …

We have the first time for the following: 1
Field process.

On November 14th, Hai Duong Police Criminal Police Department received information from the Chi Linh City Police that a serious crime was committed. The victim is Dinh Thi Ngoc Anh (26 years old resident in Ben Tu residential area, Hoang Tan area, Chi Linh city), died on the road to urgency. The subject of the case is Chu Van Khoa (35-year-old living in the Trai Met residential area, Ben Tam), after suicide suicide, is rushing to the Chi Linh City Emergency Medical Center.

Initial results identified on November 14, motorcycles Chu Van Khoa at Tan A market gate to meet with Mrs. Dinh Thi Ngoc Anh, selling tofu at the gate of the market. The subject of the Department pulled self-propelled guns hidden in the body, shot at Anh Anh, hit her sister's left shoulder. After that, the object continues to use a sharp knife, repeatedly stabbing the victim. After doing the Khoa suicide with the knife.

During the investigation, the Criminal Police Department of the Hai Duong Province Police has worked with relatives in the subject's family. Chu Van Khoa's relatives said that about a year ago, Anh and Khoa had text messages back and forth. Later, Anh did not want to continue to have a relationship, but Khoa did not agree. Khoa threatened Anh. Subsequently, the two sides spoke.

Prior to the case, her husband met and spoke to the Department about the incident; At the same time, Ben Tu Ward police reported the incident. The Ben Tham police station then invited the faculty to work, discussing the threatening content messages of the faculty against Anh. In 14/11, the pain disturbance incident occurred.


The results of Anh's autopsy have determined that the cause of her death was the loss of blood caused by wounds and wounds between her breasts.

The scene of the scene was confiscated at the scene with three weapons, a house revolver, two knives (a folding knife, a knife) a knife, a motorcycle spot and a blood sample on the spot, the victim's blood sample for evaluation .

The process of bringing Khoa to an emergency, the Criminal Police Police Department in Hai Duong Province seized two bullets in the Department's pockets.


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