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The Youth for Education Award was awarded in 2018 the Young


Speaking at the awards ceremony, Bui Quang Huy, secretary of the Youth Union, said the Youth for Education program in 2018 received 401 papers, including one Vietnamese student profile in Korea sent to attend. Compared to two years ago, this is an encouraging result, which is a step forward in spreading the program among young intellectuals. Not only does the number of recordings increase, record quality improves. Many high-quality topics, many useful solutions; Many products are teaching materials that are researched and researched, produced copies, registered for the protection of copyrights, industrial designs; Many educational products have adopted new technologies.

The prize was awarded Secretary-General Quang Huy said the "knowledge for education" program continues to be implemented by 2020.

According to Huy, the new features of the participants this year are: the age groups of the authors are quite diverse, the youngest being 11 years old; There are a number of authors, including teachers and students; groups, launch of the enterprise; Some groups that have won the previous awards continue to participate in the new projects and initiatives to this program.

"The journey to find the works, the" Children's Education "initiative will not stop there, but it will continue to be implemented by 2020, with the expectations of a growing participation of many authors. From other sectors, the quality and quantity of the works, the initiative will be increased, "Secretary Bui Quang Huy said. Huy expressed his wish, the program coordinated by the unit "Education for Children" continues to be "wings" to carry out works closer to the teacher, you students, students.

Prize award The works, the initiatives were honored in the Youth Education Awards in 2018

Huy reminds young people to continue their journey of research, discovery, creativity and dissemination of spirit to others in any field, in any job where they are young. If there are young people, there must be creative activities.

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Youth Education is organized by the Youth Education Union, the Ministry of Education and Training, in collaboration with Thien Long Group, for young people under 35 years of age to look for ideas and innovations. new education, training, through 3 content: Innovative and effective teaching methods; Creating and creating tools for teaching and learning; Research in the field of educational science.

The selected jury introduced 14 papers, the idea reached the final round, held on September 11th. Authors and authors present the jury's products and answer questions directly.

As a result, at the award ceremony, BTC awarded 4 papers, the most remarkable innovations valued at 100 million VND / solution, including: Smart Light Intelligent Light 4.0 (IoT), author Nguyen Huy Du; Designing PSE equipment to help children with Down syndrome read the life skills themes, the author: Duong Thi Thu Ha, Bui Minh Ngoc, Bui Khanh You; IOSTUDY English Learning Software by Luc Luc Tan, Tran Duc Thang, Nguyen Thanh Luan, Pham Trung Hieu, Nguyen Anh Tuan; VEC – Blockchain Educational Authentication System by Le Yen Thanh, Lam Trung Hieu and Nguyen Lam Ngoc Bich.

The remaining work, the initiative was given 10 million.

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