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Things left behind Napoli 1-1 PSG


Napoli and PSG have offered NHM a charming match at San Paolo. Draw 1-1 is worth what the two teams show. And here are the important moments of this dramatic battle.

Naples under Ancelotti are very dangerous

Things left after the Napoli 1-1 PSG
Napoli played well under Ancelotti

Carlo Ancelotti was dismissed by Bayern Munich shortly after losing 0-3 to PSG. And he moved to lead Naples to replace Maurizio Sarri. The Italian striker probably gave a determined fire to the players and helped Napoli play a real time of progress.

Napoli blocked two PSG wings well, except for Mbappe's escape from Raul Albiol's assistance to set up Juan Bernat in the first half.

In the second half, Napoli made a strong attack and made Buffon work extremely hard to help the PSG escape the death penalty. Napoli's unstoppable assault was rewarded with his Equalizer's equalizer. Fortunately for PSG, Buffon excelled in keeping them netted for nearly half an hour.

Neymar lost

After Napoli 1-1 PSG 2

Neymar did not succeed with Napoli


Neymar shocked the world by deciding to let Barca join PSG for a record transfer fee in 2017. He is considered the highest score player in the post-Messi-Ronaldo era.

But it was not easy with Neymar. At the age of 26, Brazilian players reach the ninth phase of their career. Neymar would have to shoot continuously every week when the PSG team was built around him and the rival class in League 1 was too weak. But that does not happen temporarily.

Neymar makes PSG more headache than happy. If PSG can not succeed in the Champions League this year, PSG could push Neymar into another club and consider building a team focused on Mbappe.

"Beast" Allan


Allan blocks Neymar very well

Last night, Allan was tasked with stopping Neymar fellow citizens. And he brought a show to life.

Allan had a remarkable day in 17 appearances, winning nine and winning four. The Brazilian has the chance to make a long successful sevenfold, blocking the opponent's shot at the last minute.

Allan runs more than the rest of Naples. As a result, PSG attacks are almost blocked from onset.

At the age of 27, Allan still has some years of peak performance before. And after seeing the last game, maybe some big Europeans will start contacting the stars in Naples.

PSG is disappointing at the crucial moment


PSG disappointed last night

In the seven years since the acquisition of Oryx Qatar Sports Investments, PSG brought a lot of celebrities such as Ibrahimovic, Beckham, Cavani or Neymar. The rich French has indeed become a powerful force with huge investments.

So their most important goal in each season is the Champions League. Often PSG has created a lot of hopes for fans in the early stages before disappointment at the most important moments.

In the game yesterday, PSG has entered trust and just less fortunate to break into just one lead. But in the remaining 45 minutes, they played very creatively.

Napoli acknowledged this and hit the biggest defenses of defense. Captain Thiago Silva was slow and time-consuming, and PSG took a silly punishment. During the free kick, Insigne made a mistake in removing the home team.

With a strong team and a lot of depth, the PSG must play better in front of the high-level team and ready to fight. Otherwise, the French capital will only defeat the weak opponents of League 1.

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